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3500 Warm Leads (Use this to Get Customers By Tonight)

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Yesterday I conducted a test… I’m a partner in an eCommerce brand, and we recently added a new product to our store.  It’s priced at $60 (not too expensive, but not “cheap” either). The first thing I did was send an email to our list of over 10,000 customers for this store. That brought some immediate sales, which let us ... Read More »

The 30k Case Study (Works in Any Niche)

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A little over a year ago, I made a decision… I would take a skill of mine (and passion), and start using it to SELL stuff.  That skill? Creating persuasive content.  See, when most people try and sell their product or service, they try and go straight for the sale. And I think in many cases this is fine, especially ... Read More »

Lola hates me (and she’s telling the world)

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I got an email this morning from a subscriber…   She was in the midst of one of my automated sales funnels…   Ya know, those email sequences where you tell people to buy stuff.   Anyways…   She wasn’t happy.   She told me my emails were ‘too aggressive and borderline unethical.’    Do you know why…?   Because ... Read More »