Why “extra ranch” could be sabotaging your online business


We’ve ALL experienced this before (…and you might be the culprit). You’re out to eat — maybe with some friends or family, and you ask the server for something “extra.” For example, “Can I get extra ranch, please?” And the server says, “Sure, it’s an additional 75 cents, is that okay?” And you say, “Oh, never mind then, I’m fine.”  WHAT. JUST. HAPPENED?? ... Read More »

Save Money On Your Facebook Ads By Doing These 5 Things


Admit it… You’re a cheapskate. Okay, maybe that’s extreme — but when it comes to Facebook advertising, I’m assuming you try your best to make your ad dollars work hard for you. And you should. After all, you’re running a business. But here’s the thing… With all of the web-based marketing channels available today, it’s truly amazing how strong a response a ... Read More »

A New Way to Find Interests For Your Facebook Ads

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I’ve got something really cool for you today. I discovered a new way to find Facebook interests for your ads! This is something I’ve never shared before. How could I? I just found it… I recorded a video walkthrough for you. Watch below and thank me later NOTE: Do you enjoy this type of content? If so, I want to ... Read More »

Facebook and Shopify: 5 Tricks You Need to Know to Cash In

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It’s the biggest problem many people face… OPPORTUNITY! The internet is full of it, and while there’s never been a better time to start an online business, sometimes picking one thing and sticking to it can be tough. One thing’s for sure though… Anyone interested in starting an online business has plenty of options to explore when it comes to ... Read More »

SOLVED: Using the New Facebook Pixel For Multiple Niches

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What up! I knew you’d click this link once you saw my headline. (You’re so predictable) I get asked this question ALLLLL the time. And it always goes something like this: “Jeremy…since there’s only ONE Facebook pixel, how can I properly track and optimize for multiple niches?” I’m glad you asked. This short video explains EXACTLY how to do it (WATCH ... Read More »