Online Business and Childbirth (One in the Same)

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Believe It Or Not, Both Have a LOT in Common


If you’re currently running a business, have tried different strategies, or are just ingrained in the online marketing world, this will make a lot of sense to you.

Today I want to share with you the cold hard truth about running an online business.

And the crazy part is that it’s a lot like childbirth.

Now I’m not going to pretend I know what childbirth feels like, but what’s important here are the concepts.

In fact, this just might change your entire mindset on running a business (or launching a new one).

Curious what an online business and childbirth have in common?

Cool, let’s discuss…


In the beginning, EXCITEMENT outweighs everything else. 

Whether you have kids or not, you should be able to relate to this.

I work with entrepreneurs in a variety of ways…

  • Some email me, asking for feedback.
  • Some join my entry level programs.
  • Some join my high level programs.

But they all have one thing in common…

When they start something new (whether it’s a business or just a project), they get EXCITED.

“That’s it….I’m finally gonna launch a Shopify store.” 

“I finally created a lead magnet and am getting ready to run Facebook ads.”

“I just created my first webinar.”

“I’m trying video ads for the first time!”

Think about it…

Whenever you start something new, the beginning stages are always exciting.

Think about a relationship…

Dating someone new?

They can do no wrong!

You’re head over heels for them!

It’s fresh, it’s new, it’s EXCITING.

I get it.

And the beginning stages of a pregnancy works the same way.


“OMG, we’re having a baby!”

At that moment in time, nothing else matters.


But then sh*t gets real…

So now the excitement phase turns into reality.

Morning sickness…

Back pain…

“We need to buy a crib.”

“We need a bigger car.”

“I’m so tired.”

This is where the REAL test begins.

And the same is true in business.

The excitement eventually wears off and reality sets in.

Things get more difficult.

The ads you created didn’t work.

“OMG, I’m losing money.”

The product you chose to sell flopped.

You got a negative email from a customer.

The list goes on and on…

Things RARELY go as planned.


The hardest part is right before the payoff

In a pregnancy, the hardest part for a woman is right before she gives birth.

Literally, it’s at this point where she’s constantly in pain, can’t sleep, is tired, and is ready to give up.

But it’s as that point where she pushes through…

The payoff is too important to give up on!

“I’ve come this far…I’m almost there.”

And believe it or not, the same is true in business.

The hardest part is generally right before the payoff.

You fail, fail, fail.

Nothing is going right.

You’re ready to give up.

But you push through!

You’ve come too far to give up now.


But wait…

The sad reality is that when it comes to business, most people don’t push through.

They DO give up.

And the consequence?

They miss out on giving birth to a successful business.

All that excitement in the beginning wore off…

When things got tough…

When obstacles presented themselves…



Here’s what happens when you DON’T give up

Earlier this month, I got this email from a customer.



Do you know what it’s like to have someone email you and say, “I was about to quit, you saved me!”

That’s pretty powerful stuff.

But it gets even better.


This dude is now making almost as much as his entire wife’s paycheck.

That’s cool and all, but focus on the part after that.

He said he made enough money to wipe out all his losses from the previous 8 months and now turned a profit.

Key words there: PREVIOUS 8 MONTHS. 

What this means is he didn’t become a statistic of a “failed online marketer.”

He pushed through — even after losing money for 8 months straight.

All those obstacles…

All those tests that presented themselves…

He ignored them, because he saw the payoff.

And just like childbirth, it took him about 9 months to finally give birth to a successful business.


In closing…

You might find the business and childbirth analogy a bit weird, but you can’t deny the similarities.

If you’re currently running a successful business, GREAT.

That means you already experienced all this stuff and got past it.

If you’re not, make sure you use the example above as motivation that things CAN turn around.

But not if you give up.

So go out today and give BIRTH.

(I’ll admit, that last line was kinda weird and creepy).

Have a good weekend.

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That’s where each and every week we help entrepreneurs give birth to successful Shopify businesses.

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