(PART 1) A $30,000 Per Month Business From Scratch (How He Did It)


How to Build a Business That Pays You Month After Month


It’s the magical word in internet marketing circles…


If you’ve ever wanted to build an online business that brings in recurring revenue, month after month, then today’s blog post is just for you.

I’m gonna share how a customer of mine built up a business that pays him $30,000 per month in recurring revenue.

And the best part is you can start a business just like this from scratch (in fact, I’m doing it right now and you can see the process).

Ready to dig in?

Let’s do it!


How He Built a Continuity Program From Scratch

Meet Edward…

He’s the guy I was referencing in my curiosity subject line (…hey, you clicked, didn’t you?)

Every few weeks, I’ll spotlight one member of my Social Sales Growth Forum.

I’ll bring them on the call, have them share what their business is, how they built it, and what we can learn and improve on.

When I first started doing this, Edward was the first person to volunteer to be spotlighted on my call.

I knew he was doing some things in eCommerce, so I figured it would be a topic people would enjoy.


Our Initial Conversation Went Much Differently Than I Planned…

I spoke with Edward a day or two before our live call.

I wanted to learn a bit about his business, so the call would go smoothly.

Little did I know, Edward was running a MUCH different business than I thought.

YES, he was in the eCommerce / physical product space…

But he was doing things MUCH differently than anything I had seen before.


The Secret Sauce

Once I dug into Edward’s business, I noticed he was just using physical products as a “lead-in” to his real moneymaker….

A recurring backend!


Edward had built a continuity program that he FUELED with physical product “giveaways.”

And he was signing up THOUSANDS of people to his program.

Here’s how he did it:

First, he found really intriguing products his target audience would love to have.

Next, he bundled them together into a “free plus shipping” package.

You’ve probably seen this model a thousand times.

Give away a product for free, but charge something like $9.95 from shipping to make some money.

Well Edward turned that idea on it’s head.

He did the free plus shipping model, but he only used it to get people in the door — not to make a profit.

Not only that, since he was giving away a “bundle,” he could charge around $20 for shipping.


But the Real Magic Happened AFTER the Giveaway

Pay close attention…

Here is where things get good.

On the sales page for the free bundle giveaway, Edward had an order bump.

It was a trial into his VIP Community.

So basically people got a free trial into this community with their giveaway, and then after a certain amount of days, they would be billed as paying members.

And this is what turned into a $30,000 per month business that continues to grow!

Now of course there is some additional “magic” here…

Things like:

  • Making sure people know they will be charged a recurring fee.
  • Dealing with customer service.
  • Providing content for his VIP members.
  • And more…

Edward actually covered all these things on his “spotlight” call, and it was one of the most popular calls in the history of my community.

But after that call, I had an idea…


I Wanted to Do This in a Brand New Niche!

After the call with Edward, my mind was racing…

Couldn’t we do this SAME thing in a bunch of other niches?

Copy, paste, copy paste.

That’s literally what I was thinking!

But there were a few issues:

  • I didn’t want to be responsible for tons of content.
  • I didn’t know what a “VIP” community should have.
  • I didn’t want customer service headaches.

So I talked to Edward, and we came up with an idea…

And that idea was we would take the same physical product giveaway idea, but we’d turn it into a RECURRING physical product continuity program.

This meant each month, our members would receive a new physical product for “free” as part of their membership.

You know…

Kind of like those programs where you get a new tie each month, or a new pair of socks, or some clothes.


And We’re Documenting the Entire Thing

Edward and I recently launched this venture.

We picked a niche…

We researched the niche…

We decided on our product giveaway…

And we decided on the product we’ll give away on a recurring basis.

And I’m gonna document this ENTIRE blueprint.

Interested in learning more? 


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