PLEASE… just go watch Shark Tank

Shark Tank Cast arriving at the ABC TV TCA Party at The Langham Huntington Hotel & Spa in Pasadena, CA on August 8, 2009 ©2009 Kathy Hutchins / Hutchins Photo

Years ago, when I first discovered this whole “online marketing thing” (circa 2008), one of my favorite bloggers said something that didn’t fully resonate with me until recently.

It was something like, ‘Don’t try and work with everyone. Just focus on the 1-2% who you can really help, and who really WANT the help.’

I used to think, “That’s DUMB!”

I want to sell my stuff to as many people as possible!

Or so I thought…

As the years went by, and I did lower ticket products, I realized getting thousands of customers in one swoop is not always ideal.

In fact, in the internet marketing world, I’ve found that most people fall into one of three “buckets.”

BUCKET #1: The Shark Tank Crowd

I love Shark Tank, but what I mean by this, is people who like to watch, watch, watch, but never put in any substantial work to get results.

They’ll watch shows like Shark Tank and think, “That could be me” or “I should really do X.” 

They get a thrill just by seeing what’s possible. 

There are PLENTY of people who watch Shark Tank who have no aspirations of entrepreneurship. They just enjoy the show for what it is.

But people in Bucket #1 get their satisfaction just reading, watching, and learning about business (…which is fine, if you’re implementing too).

Because of this, years and years go by with nothing substantial happening in their online “business.”

In many cases, they treat every course of software that hits the market as “THE ONE.” The ONE that finally will allow them to hit it big, without putting in any work.

They buy into the hype of “push button,” and blame everyone else when things don’t come easy.

BUCKET #2: The Vanilla Ice Crowd

LOL — you know what I’m talking about…

People who are actually doing some good stuff, seeing some success, but maybe get a bit “complacent….”


That’s what happens when you’re feelin’ good about yourself, but lose a bit of focus.

I actually really enjoy working with people in this bucket. They’ve implemented, put in work, and tasted success. They just have not been able to build on it.

Or many times, they’ve done all the right things, but HAVEN’T seen any success.

They just need help getting over the hump. They’ve done everything they’re supposed to do, things just haven’t “clicked.”

BUCKET #3: The Steve Jobs Crowd

Now to be honest, this crowd is a very small percentage of the population.

They have businesses that are already doing extremely well, but they realize “they don’t know what they don’t know.”

So like the late CEO of Apple (Steve Jobs) used to do, they seek out people to work with, in areas beyond their personal expertise.

And because of this, their businesses tend to grow even bigger, and bigger, and bigger.

These are some of my favorite clients, because we can INSTANTLY have a huge impact on their bottom line.

Here’s the reality of the situation…

Each bucket above has visions of moving to the NEXT bucket.

So the people in Bucket #1 would LOVE to be in Bucket #2, where they are seeing some momentum, but just need things to “click.”

And the people in Bucket #2 would LOVE to be in Bucket #3, with a business pumping out cash and in full-scale growth mode.

And of course, our Bucket #3 audience wants to keep scaling, so they can move into the BIGGER buckets of successful businesses.

I’ve come to realize that the people I can help the most are in Buckets #2 and #3. 

Working with people who are taking action, implementing, and really putting in effort (Bucket #2), and getting them over the hump is an amazing feeling.

And seeing businesses go from 5-figure months to 6-figure months with our help, never gets old (see Bucket #3).

As for Bucket #1, sure, I can help these people. But what I’ve realized is that many of them don’t want the help.

I kid you not, sometimes I will get messages from the same people, year after year, asking the same questions. 

“What type of ad is best for xyz?”

“Do you use manual bidding?”

“What is the best software for X?”

And I used to respond, and really try and give great feedback, thinking one day these people will become great clients.

But I realized many of them are content just watching, learning, thinking — but never actually DOING.

And for those people, I say PLEASE…just go watch Shark Tank, and enjoy the thrill of it all.

Enjoy the thrill of business and entrepreneurship, and accept it for what it is.

This is not meant in a condescending way. 

It’s just that if I tell myself, “I should really work out and eat better,” year after year, but I’m still outta shape, then I should probably either change something or just accept the fact that I’m content and don’t wanna change.

Either answer is fine, but you’ve gotta choose one and run with it.

In fact, YOU should operate your business the same way. 

Realize you can’t help everyone, and that everyone isn’t meant to be a customer.

Focus your attention on those people who truly want to be.

You’ll likely find yourself operating a business that’s less stressful, more profitable, and aligned with your visions of success.


PS – I know many of you are in the 1-2% that want the help of myself and my team growing a successful business, or scaling your existing one.

If you’ve looked at our calendar recently for our eCommerce coaching, we’re booked out until the middle of April.

But if you’re like, “Dude, I want to work with you! I understand it’ll take time and money, but let’s make this happen TODAY,” just email us and we’ll get you on a call ASAP.


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