The RIGHT Way to Add Scarcity to Your Product Pages (implement TODAY)

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Recently I was at a baseball game, and got a fun look at some scarcity used to sell beer.

At most sporting events, there is a certain point in the game when all alcohol sales stop.

After all, these venues don’t want people getting smashed for three straight hours, then immediately driving home. Stopping alcohol sales at a certain point in the game gives people time to sober up (or at least that’s the goal……).

But if you’ve ever been to a sporting event, you’ve inevitably heard the shouts of “LAST CALL” coming from vendors walking up and down the aisles.

In other words, “Now is your last chance to buy beer before we stop selling it.”

However, if you pay attention, sometimes these “LAST CALLS” last a pretty long time. 

In fact, many times these vendors start their “LAST CALLS” well before beer sales will stop.

And just like we use scarcity in the online marketing world, this is a form of scarcity in the “real world.”

People hear “LAST CALL,” and they wanna make sure they get a beer before sales stop. So they buy a beer (or two).

In fact, each time the vendor came up and down the aisle, more and more people bought a beer. They didn’t wanna miss out before beer sales stopped.

Then a few minutes later, “LAST CALL” happened again. Another vendor came by, letting people know this was their LAST CHANCE to get beer before sales stopped.

This led to MORE people buying beer (including some who bought at the PREVIOUS “Last Call.”)

Then of course, it was eventually the REAL “Last Call,” and sales stopped. But not before even more people bought beers.

As a marketing nut, I’ve love to know what percentage of a venue’s beer sales come in the “Last Call” phase.

Besides that, this got me thinking about SCARCITY, and how so many people do it wrong online. 

Let me say this…

If sales of a product are TRULY ending at a certain time…

Or if you TRULY only have a certain quantity…

Then market the sh*t out of that scarcity angle. 


If you are using false timers or numbers, that have no hint of truth to them (…I’m looking at you eCommers), this message might help ya out.

Believe it or not, there IS a way to add scarcity to “evergreen” type products, WITHOUT making it false scarcity. 

So here’s how you can do it…

Most people put a timer on their page and say things like, “DEAL ENDS IN:”

And they have the timer set anywhere from 1 to 12 hours, so people feel like they have to buy right away.

Or they do something like, “ONLY 32 LEFT IN STOCK” (with the number dropping).

There are ways to generate this same scarcity, but without “stretching” the truth.

Take these scarcity angles for example:


  • Free Shipping Good For At Least: (Timer Here)
  • 32 Guaranteed to Be in Stock
  • This Deal is Good For At Least: (Timer Here)
  • Not Less Than 46 in Stock
  • 543 Already Sold (Limited Stock Available)
  • Sale Price Good For a Minimum of: (Timer Here)


Notice what’s happening here?

You are stating something that is 100% true, but saying it in a way that can still create an urgency to buy.

Take the first example above about free shipping.

You are simply reminding them that FREE SHIPPING is available. And you are telling them shipping is free for AT LEAST the amount of time on that timer.

You may change your mind tomorrow, or in an hour. But for the time on that clock, shipping is FREE.

Compare that to a message that says, “FREE SHIPPING ENDS IN:”

If your free shipping really isn’t ending at the time on the clock, this is false scarcity and not a way to do business long term.

I don’t frown upon the ways people choose to do scarcity. Your business, your choices. 

But I’m just trying to point out that you CAN do scarcity in a way that gets results, and also allows you to feel good about the way you’re promoting your products and services.

Cheers to that!

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