This is Not Normal…

Diet decision concept and nutrition choices dilemma between healthy good fresh fruit and vegetables or greasy cholesterol rich fast food with a man on a crossroad trying to decide what to eat for the best lifestyle choice.

So recently a member of my team was speaking to someone about potentially joining our Shopify coaching program.

We felt they were a good fit…

They felt they were a good fit…

So we invited them to join.

And they wanted to “think about it.”

Pretty normal reaction — in fact, we are wired this way, to find any reason possible not to make a decision, even when we know the right answer.

Then they said something interesting…

“It’s not normal to make a buying decision after one call.”

Now you’re probably expecting me to spend the next few paragraphs explaining why it IS normal.

But I’m about to throw you for a loop.

This person is 100% spot on.

It’s not normal to make a buying decision on the spot.

But guess what?

Nothing about the online marketing world we are apart of is normal!


Think about it…

Do you think your friends and family sit around reading emails about Facebook ads and Shopify?


Yet this person just spent an hour on the phone with us, exploring our coaching program.

That’s not normal either!

While their friends and family are probably out to lunch with their co-workers, this person is about to join an eCommerce coaching program.

Nothing. Normal. About. That. 

What else….?

Do you think reading about carousel ads each day is normal?


Do you think trying to decide between manual or automatic bids is normal?

Or being in a Facebook group with 10,000 other marketers you don’t know?

Sorry to burst your bubble, but NONE OF THIS IS NORMAL!

(This is you right now)



But guess what?

That’s EXACTLY why we do it!

If you wanted “normal,” you wouldn’t be reading this email right now.

If you wanted “normal,” you wouldn’t keep up with the latest tactics on Facebook ads, email marketing, landing pages, and software.

If you wanted “normal,” you’d be content sitting in a big office, carrying around a briefcase all day.

As online marketers, we should be striving daily for the OPPOSITE of “normal.”

In fact, when you start to realize your friends and family don’t “get” what you do, you’re probably moving in the right direction!

So next time something you’re doing doesn’t seem “normal,” give yourself a pat on the back.

Chances are you’re moving in the right direction.

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