0 to over $70,000 in sales in 90 Days

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Sometimes the most powerful stories, are those written by actual students and clients here at Digital Traffic Ace.

That’s why today I’m proud to share with you the story of Wai-Leng Leung, an entrepreneur who joined our Store Implementation Program.

I asked if we could do a Case Study, documenting her success. She decided to do something better, and write an entire post on her journey.

Below is her story, in her own words.

Enjoy 🙂




The beginning

After leaving my job in 2012, I worked as a freelance copywriter. Over time though, I came to realise that freelancing as a writer might not be sustainable in the long term.

I tried starting several businesses. A blog shop, a web development company, a tech start up and t-shirts. Some showed promise, but eventually petered out. Nothing seemed to work.

At the end of 2016, watching copywriting jobs dry up, I started updating my CV. I dreaded going back to the 9 to 5 grind but it looked like the most sustainable income option.

At some point, I was clearing out my email and deleting quite a few from “Internet Marketing Gurus” – I’d bought into many IM courses or signed up for mailing lists hoping to get information that would work. They never did.

I’d gotten so jaded with these “gurus” that I’d just started ignoring their emails.

But as I was mass deleting yet more emails touting surefire money making methods, one of them caught my eye.

An email sent 2-3 weeks before from Jeremy Salem titled “From Failure to 25k/Month (How He Did It)”.

In the email was the story of a SIP program member who’d gone from failure and personal problems, to doing $25k a month in sales through a program that essentially hand holds you through the process of building a successful online business.

(Jeremy’s Note: The interview she is referring to can be viewed here.)

A lot of it felt honest.

The email had none of the usual bullshit about overnight riches, it made it clear that you’d have to work hard to succeed.

Something about the content and video resonated. It reminded me of something I believed in before – that if you didn’t give up, you would eventually find success.

I’m not afraid of hard work, I just didn’t want to be wasting yet more time and resources doing the wrong things. So the idea of one-on-one guidance with a high success rate, as long as I was willing to put in the work, was really appealing.

All this didn’t mean I didn’t give Chris a hard time in the screening call though.

(Jeremy’s Note: Chris is one of our Growth Specialists, who speaks to applicants about the program.)

I remember thinking about the Case Study I saw…

$25k to $40k revenue a month?

Sounds too good to be true.

The facts were probably spun to make the program look better than it actually was.

These guys were probably the best performers and there was likely a bunch of people who took the course and never got anywhere.

The usual skepticism I’d developed after running through a bunch of IM courses and coaches that didn’t deliver.

I remember Chris patiently answering my questions. I grilled him trying to figure out whether the claims matched reality.

To his credit, he was pretty upfront about what I could expect from the course and was very patient when I took something like 15 minutes hemming and hawing about paying the hefty enrollment fee.

My bank account was running low and I had no guarantee this would work.

It was terrifying.

But something in my gut told me to give it a go, so I fought the fear and bought into the program. 

In the program

I entered SIP on Jan 1 2017. No better time to get a fresh start in a new year. By the second week, my store was up and running, although that was probably the easy part.

The toughest bit in this period was finding my product.

I spent well over $1000 in January testing about 60 products, and lost sleep wondering if I’d once again just wasted even more cash on a business that was going to crash and burn like my previous ventures.

Lots of doubts crept in, from whether this was yet another coaching program that couldn’t deliver to whether I was going to give up and fail yet again.

The team and system Jeremy put into place was instrumental to make sure I did not.

Having coaches that had succeeded in the program themselves helped immensely.

They could share their battle-tested experiences, answer any question and reassure me when I was in doubt.

This was probably the biggest reason I was able to keep going.

After spending that amount of money and being where I was financially, it felt like there was no going back, so I could only keep moving forward.

After one month, on February 9, just as I was afraid the course was going to end without any result, something finally sparked.

A product started selling regularly, and the more I spent on ads for it, the more I made.

Hooray, I thought. I might finally be able to get to that $15,000 monthly revenue goal Chris and I talked about in our call.

I might even be able to reach $30-40,000 monthly revenue by the end of the year!


Little did I know how quickly this business could scale.

Within a couple of weeks I had made back all the money I’d spent on ads.

By the start of March my store was making $1000 a day.

By mid-March, this had doubled to over $2,000.

Today, at the end of March, my store passed $70,000 in revenue, and at $3,000+ a day, is on-track to reach much more moving forward.

It still feels a bit like a dream sometimes.

Just a couple months ago, I thought a store with $25k in revenue was too good to be true, and now mine is earning almost 3x that.

And instead of slowing down, all signs are pointing to me being able to take it even further.

Not too bad for a business that’s less than 3 months old and run by one person!

SIP may not be a program for everyone.

The process requires hard work and monetary investment that many may find hard to keep at.

However, this course is the real deal.

I haven’t seen any other course which delivers so much results and would recommend it to entrepreneurs seeking to build an eCommerce business.

Wai-Leng Leung


2018 UPDATE: As of May 2018, Wai-Leng is still running her eCommerce store, and has had multiple 6-figure months. She is an active member of our community, and continues to work towards her goals every day. This has allowed her to see success for over a year, and quickly approaching two.