182k in a single day (I can’t believe this happened)

First off, let me express how slimy I feel for today’s post title.

Any time I share crazy sales figures, I always like to bring context to the situation.

We’ll do that in a moment, but first…





NO, this isn’t a screenshot from my Shopify store.

This is actually a screenshot from a student inside our Store Implementation Program.

Now, for the context:

– This is not typical, and honestly I don’t personally know anyone else that’s done nearly $200,000 in sales in ONE DAY, although I’m sure it’s happened. Point is, I can almost guarantee you will never have a day quite like this individual had yesterday.

– This was done without spending a single penny on Facebook ads. What happened was this student got featured prominently by a media outlet, which brought in a flood of traffic and sales. You aren’t likely to replicate this.

– You’re probably wondering about profit margin. Without giving away too many details, let’s just say he had a pretty good day, especially considering he didn’t spend a single dollar on ads.

– This student already had a background in eCommerce before working with us. In fact, our program had NOTHING to do with the success he achieved yesterday. We don’t teach how to get featured on media outlets (hmmmm). I’m fine with that — but it’s still cool he’s a student in our program :).

All in all, yesterday was a really fun day for our team.

We literally watched this store generate nearly 200k in sales within a 6-7 hour span. 

Was it luck?

Yeah, you could say getting featured on a media outlet and getting this many sales is lucky.

BUT…he did some legwork to make it happen. And if he never started his eCommerce store, this opportunity never would have presented itself. 

In closing, I wanted to share this with you, because I thought it was pretty amazing to see what’s possible with the internet.

A 6-7 hour span of time literally made this guy more dough than most businesses make in 12 months. 

Like I said, our team had literally nothing to do with this. We don’t teach the strategy he used to make these sales. This is just a smart dude, who just so happens to be a student of ours.


If you’ve ever wanted to get into eCommerce (…or get an existing store profitable), don’t you wanna be apart of a community with people like this :)?

And we’re pretty cool too.

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