2 Ways to IMMEDIATELY Grow Your Business in 2016

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It really hits home when you simplify it…

Take away all the tactics, strategies, software, etc.

Growing ANY business boils down to 2 things:

* #1: Finding Profit Leaks

If your business is already making money, chances are it’s LEAKING money somewhere too.

Are you not monetizing your email list enough?

That’s a profit leak.

Are you not using Facebook ads to their full capabilities?

That’s a profit leak.

This is literally money sitting there, but it’s leaking out of your business because you aren’t taking advantage of it.

* #2: Adding Buy Buttons

I give credit to Don Wilson for this one.

At the time he was mentoring me, I told him I wasn’t sure how else to monetize my audience.

He made it simple:

“Dude, you just need more BUY BUTTONS….give people more stuff to buy from you.”

Simple, but POWERFUL.

As I talk to clients, I always ask them…

Are there new products you can offer your audience?

Any upsells?

Can you add a high ticket backend offer to increase your revenue?

Giving your audience more things to buy from you is an easy way to grow FAST.

So as we enter 2016, stop for a second. 

Don’t focus so much on little tactics and hacks to grow your business.

These help, but your business will grow the most by focusing on big CONCEPTS.

Take time to find where money is leaking out of your business.

And take time to find where you can add more buy buttons.

Those concepts are actually a big focus inside my Social Sales Growth Forum.

Yes, we cover tactics, hacks, and strategies.

But we also cover bigger concepts to help you transform your business in the FASTEST amount of time possible.

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