2 Ways to Make More Moolah’ from the Newsfeed

Table with food and drink

With some things in life, if something isn’t “working,” the solution is pretty easy.

– If the remote for your TV isn’t working, you change the batteries.

– If your chicken tastes bland, you add some spices or sauce.

– If your tire is flat, you patch it or buy a new one.

Ah, if only generating revenue with Facebook ads were so easy…

In the case of Facebook ads, many times the solution isn’t so clear.

Tell me if this scenario sounds familiar…

You’ve got a campaign up, running, and doing decent.

But it’s just not profitable.

You’re either losing money, breaking even, or barely making anything.

That’s pretty common.

I heard someone say one time, “You can pretty much sell ANYTHING in the Facebook newsfeed, but the question is, can you sell it PROFITABLY.”

That statement is so true.

So then, what do we do?

Well, that’s a loaded question, but since I want to keep this email from turning into a novel, I’ll share TWO strategies you can use to go from losing to WINNING.

Strategy #1: Invite People Back to the Party

Imagine if you had a party at your house and it just BOMBED. Like no one enjoyed themselves, the food sucked, and you ran out of drinks.

But imagine if you could then invite everyone back, and sort of have a do-over.

Everyone comes back, the food tastes better, drinks are flowing, and you’re a hit.

Well in the marketing world, this is done a few different ways:

– Retargeting: Yep, bring people back to your party website. Give yourself another chance.

– Email: In the eCom world, we call this an “abandoned cart sequence,” but it can apply to any industry. But don’t just copy what everyone else says to do — be aggressive :).

Do what it takes to push people across the finish line.

Strategy #2: Make Sure They Order Dessert

If you’re out at a restaurant for dinner, and you have a half-decent server, chances are they’ll come to the table at the end of your meal and say something like, “Did we save room for dessert?”

In other words, “Can I get you to spend more and increase your total order value?”

And you should be thinking about the same thing in your business.

If a customer has already purchased from you, why end the fun there?

Use emails, ads, and any relevant apps/software to get people back to your site and buying more.

Running Facebook ads and making sales is GREAT, but if you’re already paying for traffic, you should probably MAXIMIZE that traffic, right?

The two strategies above allow you to do that.

And if you’re rolling your eyes and thinking this is too “simple,” take an honest look at your overall strategy, and see if you’re fully using everything I mentioned above.

It may be the key to taking those losing/break-even campaigns, and turning them into WINNERS.

This stuff can work for any business, but it works GREAT for eCommerce. If you’re tired of trying to figure all this stuff out on your own, click here and let’s talk.