50+ Customers in 48 Hours (Combine These 2 Things)

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Holidays are a GOLDMINE for businesses around the world.

Christmas sales…

AFTER Christmas sales…

New Year’s sales…

AFTER New Year’s sales…

Just check your inbox, and you’ll see what I mean.

Recently I started working with a new client.

In her words, her business had hit a “wall.”

Facebook advertising used to work GREAT, and still did to an extent.

But it just wasn’t what it used to be.

With New Year’s coming up, I saw an OPPORTUNITY (in other words $$$).

So I helped this client put together a 48 hour New Year’s sale.

We combined email marketing with Facebook advertising to make a push for new customers.

The results?

In about 48 hours, she added 50+ new members to her membership community. 

These are people that pay month, after month, after month…

Here’s the reason this worked (you can swipe it for your business):

* #1: People love promotions (we tied it into New Year’s and added scarcity – a 48 hour deadline).

* #2: People buy if you tell them WHY they should buy.

So instead of just saying, “Hey, this is a good deal, you should become a member,” we took a different angle.

We talked about how this year was an “anniversary” in her business.

How she planned to communicate more with her followers and help them achieve their goals in 2016.

And BECAUSE OF THAT, she was offering this special sale.

People LOVE stuff like that. 

That’s why you see all the big retailers say things like, “Winter Clearance.”

(Because they need to make room for spring clothes.)

Or you see car dealerships always say you can get “rock bottom prices,” because they need to make room for the new year models.

It’s partly true, but it’s partly because if they just said, “Hey, come in for a good deal,” no one would buy.

Try it and let me know how it works in your business…

Try telling people WHY they should buy your product or service.

WHY it’s a good deal.

You might notice a nice uptick in conversions.


These are the kinds of concepts I cover in my membership community, the Social Sales Growth Forum.

We have 310+ members, and are continuing to grow.

You should join now, because it gives you the best chance to succeed in 2016.

(See what I did there?)

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Jeremy Salem is the President of SmartStep Media, a digital marketing agency, and an author, product creator and online business strategist at Digital Traffic Ace. He is also a diehard sports fan, who constantly paces around the coffee table and screams at the TV during games. Beyond that, he is well-known for paying $22 every three weeks for a haircut, even though he’s been going bald since his senior year of high school. Lastly, his “professional” photo that you see on this website was actually taken by his wife in their kitchen on a random Tuesday morning.