8 Evergreen Niches for Your Dropshipping Store

Do you have a dropshipping store or are looking to start one?

Looking to find a “winning product?”

If so, this blog post is for you!

Having a winning product that’s a “one-hit wonder” is great, but having a product that’s ALWAYS in demand is even better :).

Unlike seasonal trends, “evergreen niches” give you endless opportunities for marketing and reaching target audiences, because they never lose their appeal.

In this post, we’ll cover 8 Evergreen Niches that you can INSTANTLY start selling products in. 

Who knows… maybe your “winning product” idea is hidden somewhere in the text below :).

Let’s dive in…

Evergreen Niche #1: Gaming

Growing up, I was a big gamer. 

But I didn’t realize how big a niche this was, until a student of ours found a winning product, then proceeded to have multiple 6-figure months selling to this audience. 

Whether it’s video games, board games, or cards… gamers are passionate people!

Heck… these are the same people that line up at midnight for the newest game releases. 

TechCrunch shows this industry is worth nearly $44 BILLION and counting. 

And the reason it’s evergreen… is because gamers not only stay passionate, but NEW gamers are always entering the market. 

From t-shirts, to jewelry, to gaming gadgets and more… there’s a HUGE opportunity to sell to this market. 

If you find a product that sells well, it can be a winner long-term, AND help you find secondary products to maximize the lifetime value of each new customer. 

Evergreen Niche #2: Weddings

There’s about 2.5 million weddings in the USA each and every year. 

Not only that… everyone has their idea of the “perfect time” of year for a wedding, which means wedding planning will be in demand all year round.

Whether it’s marketing jewelry or bridesmaids dresses, fine suits or boutonnieres, wedding planners and engaged couples will always be a ready and easy-to-target audience.

Let’s look at some ideas:

  • Gifts for a bridal shower.
  • Bridesmaid gifts.
  • Groomsmen gifts.
  • Gift for Mother of the Bride. 
  • Gift for Mother of the Groom. 
  • Gift for grandparents of the bride/groom. 
  • Wedding day gift ideas. 

And that’s just the start!

And remember… since new people get engaged every single day, new people will always be entering this audience. 

If you find a winner, you can continually target certain interests to bring a stream of evergreen sales. 

Here’s some below:

Evergreen Niche #3: Fitness

We’re talking a nearly $100 BILLON per year industry. 

Although you may think New Year’s is a great time to capitalize on the sudden demand for fitness wear and accessories, you should remember that many people actually want to get/stay fit all year round.

Fitness appeals to a wide range of groups, from yogis to marathon runners, swimmers to rock climbers.

You can even choose to target amateurs, professionals, or both.

Think of items like yoga pants, personalized water bottles, single-serve smoothie makers, and more. 

And then there’s all the various eating “crazes,” like Keto, Paleo, and more. 

All this combines to give you TONS of different angles you can take to sell products in this big niche. 

If you find a winning product in the fitness niche, you will always have a “hungry crowd” to sell to (pun intended). 

Evergreen Niche #4: Pets

Even if you don’t own a dog, that doesn’t mean you won’t want to explore selling to pet owners.

A $75 BILLION industry and growing.

It’s gotten to the point where some people send their pets to private school!

Okay, I’m kidding of course… but pet owners spend a lotttttt of money. 

If you own a pet, you know what I mean. 

This might be a Halloween costume for a dog, a cat necklace, or even a pair of socks with Fido’s face on it. 

Pet owners always need new accessories for their pets.

Both practical and fun, there is always a market for pet toys, leashes, beds, and other accessories to make life easier for both owners and pets.

And once you start getting into all the different breeds, you realize what a MASSIVE (and evergreen) opportunity there is to find products and sell to this market. 

Evergreen Niche #5: Music

Like gaming… music is an industry that kind of “snuck up” on me. 

We’ve had a few students crush it in this niche, and that really opened my eyes to what’s possible when selling to music lovers. 

Music is high in demand all year.

There’s two big categories you’ll wanna focus on. 

People who LOVE music and certain instruments.

For example, people who love the guitar would probably be into Jimi Hendrix. You might sell guitar related apparel, jewelry, and more. 

The other category you want to focus on is people who PLAY music and certain instruments.

For example, GuitarTricks.com is a website for people who want to learn to play the guitar. 

For these people, guitar accessories may be what you want to target them with. 

And remember… new people are always entering these audiences. 

So not only will you have people who just love buying music-related products, but you’ll have people who are just discovering their passion for music as well. 

Evergreen Niche #6: Sports

Sports may be seasonal, but sports fans are not!

Yes… there are legitimate suppliers that allow you to dropship licensed sports apparel. 

That’s one angle you could take. 

But there are also people who just love to play sports… or love a sport in general. 

Check this product out on The Grommet:

It’s a bowl… but also has a little basketball hoop on it. 

Whether you shoot cheerios or marshmellows, this is definitely something unique and fun for a basketball lover. 

You could even do something creative, like target Parents with pre-teens, who also like basketball. 

Then you could market the product as a great gift they’ll enjoy each morning while eating breakfast. 

Evergreen Niche #7: Parenting / Expectant Parents

Speaking of parenting, that leads us to our next evergreen niche.

Doesn’t matter if it’s January or December…

Doesn’t matter if it’s a Tuesday or a Saturday…

And it doesn’t matter if it’s 2am or 2pm.

At EVERY time of year, babies are born, kids are growing, and parents are looking for ways to help their children be happy and healthy.

People are always spending money on their kids, and that’s just the start!

Think of grandparents buying for grandchildren. 

Or parents buying on their kids behalf, for a grandmother. 

A graduation gift…

A birthday gift…

A Christmas gift…

Back to school…

It. Never. Ends. 

This niche is HUGE, evergreen, and one you need to be selling in, if you have the opportunity. 

Facebook makes it very easy to target new parents, parents with preschoolers, parents with teenagers, websites that parents would visit, and more. 

Here’s a small example of what I mean:

You have endless angles, products, and ideas when you focus on this niche. 

And once again… new people continue to enter it day after day, minute after minute. 

Evergreen Niche #8: Home Improvement

When I think of home improvement, I think of Tim “The Tool Man” Taylor.

Courtesy of Giphy.com

Homeowners always have long wish lists for DIY projects or professional upgrades to their home.

I remember a few years back, I saw a solar garden light on eBay.

It had sold like 20,000 units or something.

I couldn’t believe it!

But apparently people loved a solar light in their garden.

But home improvement encompasses a lot. 

It could even be a crossover with the parenting niche, and maybe it’s a personalized pillow with your children’s names on it. 

Or maybe a fancy Christmas blanket. 

Anything people might buy for their home is what I’m referencing with “home improvement.”

From gardening to a cool bar stool for the Man Cave, home improvement can be a massive opportunity for the right store owner. 

What to Do Next

If you’re reading this, my assumption is you already have a store… OR you’re looking to start one. 

You might be thinking:

“These niches are great, but how do I find good products/suppliers?”

There’s lots of ways. Most people choose to use sites like AliExpress, which dropship from China. We used to do that, but a few years ago, adapted to a USA / domestic dropshipping model. This helps us build more sustainable stores, where our customers get their items fast and are more likely to become repeat buyers.

You’d be AMAZED at how many sellers there are out there, looking to work with dropshippers. A simple Google search will return TONS of options. And you can even find great sellers on marketplaces like Etsy or eBay. 

But look…

Finding niches, products, and suppliers is just ONE aspect of a successful eCommerce business. 

  • You need to have a high-converting store, that’s set up to turn visitors into BUYERS.
  • You need to learn to properly target your audience with ads. 
  • You need to learn how to craft compelling ad copy and angles, to really SPEAK to a target audience. 
  • And you need to learn how to scale up, once you find a product selling well. 

If you need help with that stuff, you’re in the right spot. 

Over the last few years, we’ve helped HUNDREDS of entrepreneurs launch and grow their own eCommerce stores. 

But… as you’ve likely learned, we like to do things a bit differently.

We don’t focus on short team hacks… we focus on long-term strategies.

And we don’t insult your intelligence by pretending this is easy and you’ll become a millionaire overnight.

We’re a REAL, professional organization, that helps entrepreneurs grow their online stores.

And we do it through 0ur done-with-you program.

Click here to get full details on our done-with-you program.

Thanks again for taking time to read this post.

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