A Best Selling Author and a Ticking Time Clock

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“The ticking time clock got me.”

This is a direct quote from Cristin, a Digital Traffic Ace subscriber.

She’s a New York Times Best Selling Author who stumbled upon my email list a few months back.

The quote was in reference to my most recent promotion of the Social Sales Growth Forum.

After getting my emails for a few months, she finally took the plunge and joined my community.

You might be wondering why you should care…

It’s simple.

In business, there are 3 groups of people:

* Those who buy right away.

* Those who buy after you nurture them and follow-up.

* Those who never buy.

You should strive to ignore the 3rd group.

Does that seem cold?

Then maybe you shouldn’t be in business.

You are in business to make $$$. 

So focus on the first two groups.

Those who buy right away make your life easy.

But a LARGE percentage of people will only buy after diligent follow-up.

That’s why I’m always preaching email marketing and retargeting. 

This is where the big moolah’ is made in business.

It’s why you get an email from me every single day of the week.

Yes, I do enjoy writing.

But the larger picture is that I know each email = a certain amount of cash.

So as we get ready to enter 2016, take a look at your business.

Are you focusing too much only on people who buy right away?

Are you ignoring the follow-up, and leaving money on the table?

If you want NEXT year to be better than THIS year, these are things you have to think about. 

And you can *think* about it with Cristin and 300+ other entrepreneurs if you join the Social Sales Growth Forum.

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Jeremy Salem is the President of SmartStep Media, a digital marketing agency, and an author, product creator and online business strategist at Digital Traffic Ace. He is also a diehard sports fan, who constantly paces around the coffee table and screams at the TV during games. Beyond that, he is well-known for paying $22 every three weeks for a haircut, even though he’s been going bald since his senior year of high school. Lastly, his “professional” photo that you see on this website was actually taken by his wife in their kitchen on a random Tuesday morning.