A healthy addiction (straight from Jerry Seinfeld)


One thing I’ve always found fascinating, is how it’s so easy to create BAD habits, but so hard to create good ones.


– Eating too much.

– Drinking too much.

– Smoking.

– Staying up too late.

– Watching too much TV.

– Checking FB too much.

– Procrastinating.

And so on…


– Brushing your teeth daily…?

– Showering daily…?


As you can see, I’m struggling here.

Most GOOD habits we’ve built, are things we just sort of do each day, without thinking about it.

But with enough discipline, we can build good habits in almost any area we want (in life or business). 

Maybe you’ve seen how Jerry Seinfeld built the habit of writing jokes each day. 

He would write every day, and put a big red X on his calendar.

Eventually, he never wanted to have a day without the X.

So, he just kept writing.

Did pretty well for himself :).

And believe it or not, good habits can actually become ADDICTING. 

Take a look below…


That’s a student inside our Store Implementation Program. 

Here’s her journey in a nutshell…

– Was scrolling Facebook and saw our Case Study on building a successful eCommerce store.

– Watched the Case Study and got on our email list.

– Enjoyed our content and case studies, so applied to our program. 

– Was accepted and got right to work.

And now, just three days into launching products, she’s had a $70 day.

Maybe $70 doesn’t seem like much…

But how many people do YOU know that start a business, and within a short timeframe, are having success?

If she can make $70, she can eventually make $700.

And if she can make $700, she can eventually make $7000.

My favorite part is her “addiction” to finding products and making ads.

That’s a good habit to have :).

And maybe just like Jerry Seinfeld, she’s on her way to something BIG.

What about you — care to join us and build some good habits yourself? 

If so, click here and explore joining the Store Implementation Program. 

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