A sneak peak inside my ads account


Admit it…

My title got you excited for what’s in today’s post.

EVERYONE loves to see what’s “behind the curtain,” so today I figured I’d show you something cool.

A screenshot from my FB ads account:


So the first thing you’re probably thinking is, “what does all this mean?”

Allow me to explain…

I get asked a lot about the step-by-step process of launching and scaling campaigns.

For example, AFTER you have a product selling well, what do you do?

And this specific screenshot shows what I’m doing on an actual campaign right now.

So basically, I tested a product and started getting sales.

I let it run to the point where I had enough data to build Lookalike Audiences for both Add to Cart and Purchases.

Now if you talk to 5 Facebook ad “experts,” all 5 will probably give you a different answer of what to do next…

But here’s what I like to do.

After I’ve got sales coming in, I like to test a bunch of different stuff.

So if you look above, you’ll notice I am testing both Add to Cart Lookalikes and Purchase Lookalikes.

Not only that, I’m testing the Lookalikes on their own, but also testing them combined with interests.

Finally, I’m testing Placements: Desktop, Mobile, and even Automatic Placements.

The ad sets that have two checkmarks, are the ones that fall within the range that I consider profitable.

The ones with one checkmark, are what I consider borderline.

Anything with an X means it flopped and cost per purchase was too high.

A couple things to note:

– Like I say all the time, you cannot expect all your ad sets to “win,” which is why you need to launch different types. It looks like only 3 of the 12 ad sets are actual winners (25%).

– Take note how the top three performing ad sets are all Lookalike Audiences combined with interests. This means when I go to create new ad sets, I’ll likely try to create a bunch that have more Lookalikes combined with interests, since that seems to be a winning formula.

– See how two ad sets with “Automatic Placements” are actually borderline profitable? That’s pretty cool. I think Automatic Placements is going to be really big at some point in the next 6-12 months. I really feel like FB has improved the optimization of that selection a lot.

What’s the big takeaway?

The main thing I want to relay to you, is that when something is working, I like to expand on that as many ways as possible. 

The reason I do this, is because the Facebook algorithm lends itself to “randomness.”

If you’re confused by what I mean, I went over this in a nearly hour long training yesterday, entitled: “Understand the Facebook Algorithm & Bidding Options”

This was 47 slides of content, and we covered things like:

– How the Facebook algorithm works, and how they decide who gets impressions.

– What’s the deal with Conversion Events, and which should you choose for your ad sets?

– Dealing with Daily Budget, and why your costs go up when you try and scale (…and what to do about it).

– Which Optimization to choose (Conversions, Impressions, Link Clicks, or Unique Daily Reach). We went over which gets the cheapest traffic, and which gets the most amount of sales.

– Which Conversion Window to pick — 1 Day or 7 Day, and WHY.

– Automatic Bidding and Manual Bidding — the benefits/drawbacks to both, and when to use them.

– Average Manual Bidding v Maximum Manual Bidding, and what they mean for your ads.

– And finally, what settings I personally use to launch and scale campaigns.

Sound appealing?

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