Add This to Your Product Page… Watch Your Sales DOUBLE

Learn From the Best & Increase Sales At the Same Time

If you’ve ever picked up a newspaper, you’ve probably seen an advertisement from this company.

You just may not realize it. 

The Bradford Exchange has been crushing it since 1973, and some estimates on Google put it at a $100 – $500 million company.  

Great products, great advertising, great customer service. 

You can learn a TON about marketing and growing a business, just by watching them operate. 

But there’s ONE factor most people overlook, that you can literally plug-and-play into your business today. 

Check this out:

(A powerful guarantee can INSTANTLY increase sales.)

Yep.. the power of a strong guarantee.

Or said another way, risk-reversal.

Most Business Owners: If I offer a bold guarantee, customers will take advantage of me.

Smart Business Owners: If I offer a bold guarantee, so many more people will do business with me, that it will completely offset the small number of people who take advantage of me.

I’ll be honest… I used to be timid when it came to guarantees.

It’s natural to wonder if it will backfire.

But after studying marketing greats like Dan Kennedy, Jay Abraham, and Dean Jackson… I really came to understand the POWER of a bold guarantee.

Really taking the risk away from the potential customer, and putting it all on yourself and your business.

Or as Jay Abraham says, making it harder for someone to say NO… than to say yes.

(^^Read that again.)

But wait… it doesn’t end there.


Give it a funny name, make it memorable.

The “Slap Me Silly” Lifetime Guarantee. 

Home of the “Family Legacy Guarantee,” where you, your children, and even your grandchildren can request a replacement at any point now or in the future. 

And don’t just put it in small print on the bottom of your site. 

Be BOLD with it. Make it a big piece of your sales page. Use it in your front-end ads and your retargeting. 

Watch your sales RISE. 

And the best part is, you could literally slap up a strong guarantee in your store, on your website, or in your emails TODAY. 

Doesn’t take any additional work on your part, and the increase in sales and conversions can be MASSIVE.