An AMAZING Resource to Find Products For Your Online Store… WITHOUT Even Looking For Them!

STOP looking for products to dropship from your online store.

Instead, look for IDEAS.

These IDEAS will lead you to more products than you know to do with.


If so, don’t feel bad… because so is everyone else the first time I explain this concept to them.

Every dropshipper does the same thing.

They either search for products on sites like AliExpress… or they use goofy spy tools to try and find products everyone else is selling.

If this was 2015, I might give you a pat on the back.

But things have changed!

It’s time to stop dropshipping from China.

And it’s time to stop selling the same boring products everyone else is selling.

If your goal is to grow a successful online store, this post will jump start that process, by giving you an awesome resource you can use to find product ideas.

What’s the secret resource?


Image Source:

Believe it or not, this gray-bearded man can literally be the key to building a successful dropshipping store, and I’m about to explain how. 

This website is called Answer the Public (

What it does…is provide you with all the auto-suggest phrases people search for on Google and Bing.

In other words, you put in a keyword, and Answer the Public literally shows you everything people search related to that keyword.

This site gives you SOOOOO many ideas you otherwise would never think of. 

Let’s do a quick example….

This is a real search I did recently that led me to an awesome product… and I’m going to show it to you right now. 

I was eating breakfast one morning, and after finishing, I was wiping down the placemat on the table.

My wife says I make a bigger mess than the kids sometimes… so yeah, there’s that.


I decided to hop on over to Answer the Public and put in the keyword “placemat.”

This is how I find the best ideas sometimes…just inserting random keywords from my everyday life.

Image Source:

Once you insert a keyword, Answer the Public literally shows you a wealth of data. 

Go check it out. 

Anyways…I like to scroll down to the “Alphabeticals” section. 

Here’s an example of what that section looks like, and one IDEA that stood out to me.


Image Source:

Hopefully you can see the phrase I highlighted in the image above, “placemat lunch box.”

I really have no clue what this means.

Is it a placemat to put a lunch box on?

Is it a lunch box that looks like a placemat?

That’s the fun of it!

I don’t go out looking for specific products.

I look for IDEAS… and those IDEAS lead me to products!

The first thing I like to do after finding an idea, is pop over to a marketplace (think eBay / Etsy) and put it in the search box.

I do this for a few reasons:

#1: Many times you’ll find vendors selling awesome products that ship from the USA. You can sometimes reach out to them, strike dropshipping deals, and instantly have a cool product to sell, that ships from the USA (or whatever location you want).

#2: These marketplaces show all types of products…and I may be able to find a product I never thought of, and then find a supplier for that product.

So I went to eBay and searched “placemat lunch box.”

I dug through the results a bit, and found this thing:

Image Source:

It’s called the “FlatBox.”

After looking at the page in more detail, I see it’s a lunch box that turns into a placemat!

How freakin’ cool is that??


If we use our “Social Media Friendly” radar, we can easily see that this passes the test.

It’s not just a lunch box…

Because if I just need a lunch box, I’ll probably go to the store and buy it or order one on Amazon.

But this is a lunch box that unzips and turns into a placemat.

Very creative and very useful if I had a child.

Unzip, fold it out, and boom…a placemat to eat lunch on.

Now…if this product was unbranded and generic, I might reach out to this eBay seller.

But since it has a brand name, I’m gonna take things a step further.

NOTE: What I’m about to show you will literally take you further than 99.9% of dropship store owners, who are lazy and just want to sell products from China.

I go to Google and do a “groundbreaking” search…

Wait for it…

I know, I know…

I’m a trailblazer.

And the first result that comes up is a wholesale website called “The Grommet.”

And what’d ya know when I click…

Image Source:


There’s the FlatBox 🙂

And this site let’s me buy it at a wholesale price, so I can then mark it up and sell it in my store.

Even better…look at how this website describes itself:

“We help Retailers save time finding unique, innovative products. Browse and buy from many different Makers in one place.”

NOTE: Don’t focus so much on this specific product or website. That’s not the point. The point is to show you that doing things a little differently can bring amazing results!

There are plenty of sites like this that want to work with businesses just like YOU.

Image Source:

Did you think I was done?

Nope…it gets even better.

I started out looking for one product, but look what happens when I click on the “Best Sellers” tab:

HUNDREDS of other really cool, Social Media Friendly Products:


Just a sample of some of the products on the site. Image Source:

And here’s the best part…

There are tons of websites like this out there!

They have cool, innovative products.

And they want your business.

This is how you begin to build a REAL eCommerce business. 

Not one that’s dependent on items coming from China that take 2-4 weeks to reach your customer.

And doing it this way just feels better and more fulfilling.

Now once we find the right products, we’ve still got work to do.

What to Do Next If You Want to Grow a Successful Store

As you know, finding products is only one piece of growing a successful online store.

You need a high-converting store to put those products in. A store that has the right apps, right navigation, and can turn visitors into BUYERS.

You need to learn how to properly target ads on social media, so you can bring the right audience to your products.

You need to learn how to create compelling ad copy, that SPEAKS to your target audience and gets them to click and buy.

And once you get a product selling well, you might need help scaling it up :).

If these are things you might want help with, you’re in the right spot.

Over the last few years, we’ve helped HUNDREDS of entrepreneurs launch and grow their own eCommerce stores. 

But… as you’ve likely learned, we like to do things a bit differently.

We don’t focus on short team hacks… we focus on long-term strategies.

And we don’t insult your intelligence by pretending this is easy and you’ll become a millionaire overnight.

We’re a REAL, professional organization, that helps entrepreneurs grow their online stores.

And we do it through 0ur done-with-you program.

Click here to get full details on our done-with-you program.

Thanks again for taking time to read this post.

I hope you got some value out of it ?