Are you embarrassed to tell people what you do?

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Raise your hand if you’ve ever found yourself in this awkward conversation…

“So…what are you up to these days?”


“So…what type of work do you do?”

If you’re an internet marketer who doesn’t live in a bubble, your hand should be raised.

And even if you *think* you know what you do, you really can’t explain it to other people.

I used to struggle with this.

Back when I just managed campaigns for clients, I’d say I had a marketing agency.

But that sounded so boring!

Then when I started creating courses and teaching people what I was doing, I settled on a fancier description.

“I have a marketing and education firm. Half of what we do is help businesses market their brands online, and the other half is teaching them how to do it themselves.”

It still leads to weird looks and questions, but for me, it works.

I don’t feel I need to go any deeper, UNLESS people are really curious and ask more questions.

But it wasn’t always this way…

Before I really found my footing with this “online stuff,” I dabbled in a bunch of things.

Besides eCommerce, I was doing some affiliate marketing and other stuff.

Sometimes I’d create accounts on these CPA networks and try to promote all types of offers.

It seemed lucrative, so why not?

But then one day I realized this wasn’t the route I wanted to go.

I dunno, it just felt kinda slimy…promoting these offers I didn’t really know much about.

“Ummm yeah….I create banners and landing pages promoting products I know nothing about, and I make a commission when the company I promote makes a sale.”

Just not me…

So now I strive to make sure everything I do in my business is stuff I’m 100% comfortable with, and that I could talk about with family and friends.

What about you…?

Be honest…

Do you ever feel like you’re doing stuff online…trying creative ways to make money, and it’s really not stuff you’re “proud” of?

Like it’s not something you’d run and be like, “Hey Mom, look what I did!”

My advice is DON’T SETTLE. 

There are a LOT of ways to make money in the world.

Some people choose to rob banks or jewelry stores.

They are well aware of the risks, but this is the path they choose.

But you’ll likely never hear them at a wedding say, “I rob high-end jewelry stores for a living.”

So today’s message is for YOU, if you’ve struggled with the whole, “what do you do” stuff. 

The key is not chasing $$, but chasing $$ while building something you can be PROUD of.

Something you’re EXCITED to share with family and friends.

I see this all the time in our Store Implementation Program

People working to build businesses that they’re PROUD to share with family and friends.

“I run an eCommerce store.”


“I run an online store.”

That creates SERIOUS intrigue and people want to know more.

“Wow, how’d you get into that? That’s really cool!”

And then you share how you run an online store, drive tons of visitors a day to your products, and make sales.

“It’s like having a store in the mall, but online.”

Oh…you mean like Zappos or Amazon.

“Yeah, exactly.”

WOW, I had no clue you were doing that kinda stuff. 

And then you’re off to the races, having a great conversation, PROUD to share what you do with the world. 

Now of course your business doesn’t have to be an eCommerce one to be proud of it.

I just tend to find that many people who “dabble” online or are “lost,” find that eCommerce is a great way to find their footing and build a real and fun business.

Would love to hear your thoughts on this topic… just reach out via email.

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