Are You Freaking Kidding Me (This is GENIUS!)

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First off, Happy New Year.

And for a good percentage of you, Happy Hangover.

So last night I’m sitting at home watching the New Year’s Eve show on ABC.

The one hosted by Ryan Seacrest.

And the whole freaking show is one big advertisement for Planet Fitness.

Every sign is about Planet Fitness.

They are doing giveaways for Planet Fitness memberships.

Giving away trips to Puerto Rico courtesy of Planet Fitness.

But the craziest thing was when I heard the promotions Planet Fitness runs for their members.

The first Monday of each month they give away free pizza to their members.

The second Tuesday of each month they give away free bagels to their members.

And this Monday, they are giving away free pizza to anyone who stops by their locations.

In case you’re not familiar with this whole “health and fitness” thing, carbs and gyms don’t normally go together. 

So my first thought is, I wonder how much money Planet Fitness paid for their exposure on New Year’s Eve.

Probably a ton.

My next thought was what a genius marketing ploy it is to give away junk food to gym members.

It’s so crazy, it works!

It’s like a burglar trying to break into a house.

All the windows are locked…

The backdoor is locked…

So he goes to the front door, turns the knob, and BOOM, it opens.


Giving away junk food to gym members is the ultimate definition of ZAGGING when all your competitors are ZIGGING. 

Every gym in American is telling you to come in and “hit your 2016 fitness goals.”

But here is Planet Fitness telling you to come in for free pizza and bagels.


And they know a large percentage of those people will take them up on their $1 gym trial.

It’s a GREAT way to get people in the door and say, “Hey, we know fitness can be boring. Enjoy a piece of pizza and then get your workout in.”

I mean think about “Bill” who is 30LBS overweight.

He tells himself “this is the year” he’s gonna get in shape.

He hears all about Planet Fitness.

Stops in and has his “last piece of pizza” before getting in shape.

He then signs up to a Planet Fitness membership.

This is a GREAT lesson in why being “different” can help you become successful.

Being polarizing is GOOD in the business world.

If you try and please everyone and try and blend in with all your competitors, nothing exciting will happen.

So the next time you’re looking for ideas to spice things up, look at Planet Fitness as an example.

(Or just stop in any of their locations if you want pizza this Monday.)


Have a fun New Year’s Day.

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