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Use the “Laser-Targeting” Strategy to Bring BUYERS to Your Online Store

Got a Shopify store? Thinking of starting one? Or perhaps you’re after that elusive “Winning Product”… Wherever you’re at in your online store journey, this blog post is going to show you a completely unique way to set up targeting for your ads. When most people think of targeting, they just think of which interests to target with their Facebook ... Read More »

Here’s the Products You Need to Be Selling to Grow a Successful Online Store

Have a Shopify store? Thinking of getting into dropshipping? If so, you’ll want to know the #1 rule to succeed with your online store… You MUST sell “Social Media Friendly Products.” We coined this phrase several years ago, because we noticed most people try to sell the WRONG products when they open up their store. I’m gonna dive deep into ... Read More »

An AMAZING Resource to Find Products For Your Online Store… WITHOUT Even Looking For Them!

STOP looking for products to dropship from your online store. Instead, look for IDEAS. These IDEAS will lead you to more products than you know to do with. Confused? If so, don’t feel bad… because so is everyone else the first time I explain this concept to them. Every dropshipper does the same thing. They either search for products on ... Read More »

The S.A.L.E.S Success Recipe: The Unique Framework to Build a Profitable Shopify Store (Without Dropshipping From China)

BONUS: We’ll Email You a 19-Minute Video Walkthrough of This Strategy Maybe you’ve been down this path before: Thought #1: “This webinar on dropshipping looks interesting!” Thought #2: “What that guru said was amazing, I’m gonna do this!” Thought #3: “If I just find a hot product on AliExpress and put it in my Shopify store…” Thought #4: “And turn ... Read More »

8 Evergreen Niches for Your Dropshipping Store

Do you have a dropshipping store or are looking to start one? Looking to find a “winning product?” If so, this blog post is for you! Having a winning product that’s a “one-hit wonder” is great, but having a product that’s ALWAYS in demand is even better :). Unlike seasonal trends, “evergreen niches” give you endless opportunities for marketing and ... Read More »

So You Wanna Build a Dropshipping Biz? Here’s the Right Way to Do It

Grab a beverage, a notepad, and get cozy. If you have any interest in starting or growing your own successful dropshipping store, you’ve just stumbled upon my exact formula to accomplish that. And it’s COMPLETELY different than anything you’ve seen before. You see… there’s a lot of non-sense floating around about how to build a successful store. Most of it ... Read More »

He Called Me Out. I Responded.

It was a good question, so I can’t blame the guy… Recently someone commented on one of my Facebook posts, and I’m going to summarize what he asked: ‘If you make so much money running your own business, why do you sell coaching and training programs? Wouldn’t you just focus on your own business?’ Let’s not sugarcoat things… I was ... Read More »

She Was a Freelance Copywriter. Now She Travels the World While Running Her eCommerce Store.

Store Implementation Program Reviews: Wai-Leng’s Story Sometimes the most powerful stories, are those written by actual students and clients here at Digital Traffic Ace. That’s why today I’m proud to share with you the story of Wai-Leng Leung, an entrepreneur who graduated from our Store Implementation Program. Below is her story, in her own words. But first… What is the ... Read More »

Insights From Dan Kennedy’s “No B.S. Time Management For Entrepreneurs”

Spent some time this weekend reading an old Dan Kennedy book I own. Sometimes I forget how amazing his content is — especially when it comes to time management and entrepreneurship in general. Some highlights I thought I’d share: 1) CLEAR THE CALCULATOR When using a calculator, you can’t move to a new equation until you hit the clear button. ... Read More »