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50+ Customers in 48 Hours (Combine These 2 Things)

Holidays are a GOLDMINE for businesses around the world. Christmas sales… AFTER Christmas sales… New Year’s sales… AFTER New Year’s sales… Just check your inbox, and you’ll see what I mean. Recently I started working with a new client. In her words, her business had hit a “wall.” Facebook advertising used to work GREAT, and still did to an extent. ... Read More »

Are You Freaking Kidding Me (This is GENIUS!)

First off, Happy New Year. And for a good percentage of you, Happy Hangover. So last night I’m sitting at home watching the New Year’s Eve show on ABC. The one hosted by Ryan Seacrest. And the whole freaking show is one big advertisement for Planet Fitness. Every sign is about Planet Fitness. They are doing giveaways for Planet Fitness ... Read More »

2 Ways to IMMEDIATELY Grow Your Business in 2016

It really hits home when you simplify it… Take away all the tactics, strategies, software, etc. Growing ANY business boils down to 2 things: * #1: Finding Profit Leaks If your business is already making money, chances are it’s LEAKING money somewhere too. Are you not monetizing your email list enough? That’s a profit leak. Are you not using Facebook ... Read More »

A Best Selling Author and a Ticking Time Clock

“The ticking time clock got me.” This is a direct quote from Cristin, a Digital Traffic Ace subscriber. She’s a New York Times Best Selling Author who stumbled upon my email list a few months back. The quote was in reference to my most recent promotion of the Social Sales Growth Forum. After getting my emails for a few months, ... Read More »

Get INSANE Results in 7 Days (Facebook Ads WORK)

It used to take her 6 months… This time, it only took a week. Meet Erika. She’s been a client of mine for all of 10 days or so. On our first call last week, I dug into her business and INSTANTLY identified where we could make the biggest and quickest impact. So after a week of implementing, I reached ... Read More »

He Turned a 40 Cent Click Into a $189 Sale (This is Why Retargeting Exists)

It’s a combination of three things… And together, they’re POWERFUL. * First, you have Facebook ads. * Second, you have micro-commitments. * Third, you have retargeting. Here’s a little secret for you… Every profitable business makes sales using a series of micro-commitments. Getting their potential customers to take little steps, until eventually they take the BIG step, and become a ... Read More »

Why Hallmark OWNS You After Christmas (I’m Copying This)

You think they’d learn by now… If you turn on your TV the day after Christmas, 99% of channels go back to “regular” programming. But ONE sticks out… The Hallmark Channel. They pretend like Christmas hasn’t come yet. They continue to show Christmas movies day after day…. Night after night… All the way through New Years. And with good reason. ... Read More »

Merry Christmas…You Filthy Animal

It’ll probably be etched in your memory forever… First of all, Merry Christmas! If you don’t celebrate, Happy Holidays! Now that the pleasantries are out of the way, let’s get to the REAL point of this post.  “Merry Christmas…you filthy animal.” It’s a line straight out of the movie Home Alone. Now Home Alone was a good movie (and still ... Read More »

I Jacked Best Buy’s “Santa Special” and Made My Own

All it cost was $1… I was scanning some “deals of the season,” and I noticed Best Buy was running a promotion.  If you switched your phone plan to Verizon, they’d give you a brand new iPhone for only $1. Boom! That’s a great deal. AND great timing! I’ve been sick and tired of my phone service for awhile now. Plus it’s GREAT ... Read More »

Copy the WWE to Grow Your Business (Works Immediately)

Unless you live under a rock, you know what the WWE is.  It’s SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT, otherwise known as “Professional Wrestling.” I’ve been a fan since I was probably 6 years old. As I got older, I used to shy away from telling people I watched wrestling. “Are you serious? You still watch that?” Then I realized I didn’t G.A.F what ... Read More »