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Look At The Price Of These On Amazon!!

Feel free to take this idea and run with it.  A friend emailed me this morning.  “Dude, check out the price of these.” Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells, selling for over $1400 on Amazon. I paid $275 for these things several years ago, and use them almost daily.  The Reality of the Situation:  – Home workout stuff is   right now.  – Makes ... Read More »

She fired her agency, then her store took off 📈

Hope your day is going well. This was recently posted in our community, and I wanted to share it with you! SNAPSHOT:  – Student had a store.  – Selling products in a cool niche.   – Doing a couple grand a month.  – Couldn’t scale.  – Tried hiring agencies.  – It didn’t work out.  – Joined our coaching program (yay).  RESULTS:  ... Read More »

You Need To See This Quote From Mark Cuban

Sometimes I like to sit and think about how little decisions can have huge impacts in our life and business.  Especially during crazy times, like the one we’re currently going through.  Times like these are unusual in business, but that’s what creates so much opportunity.  They are little “pockets of time,” where your decisions can DRASTICALLY change the trajectory of ... Read More »

Add This to Your Product Page… Watch Your Sales DOUBLE

Learn From the Best & Increase Sales At the Same Time If you’ve ever picked up a newspaper, you’ve probably seen an advertisement from this company. You just may not realize it.  The Bradford Exchange has been crushing it since 1973, and some estimates on Google put it at a $100 – $500 million company.   Great products, great advertising, great customer ... Read More »

I Tried Doubling the Price of the Best-Selling Product in My Shopify Store. Here’s What Happened Next…

Have a Shopify store? Or perhaps you’re considering launching one? If so… something you’ve probably thought about is the best way to price your products.  We primarily do and teach a dropshipping model, for people starting/growing stores.  So there’s two considerations: #1: You don’t wanna price your product so high, that no one buys it.  #2: You don’t wanna price ... Read More »

Sell on Amazon? Check out what THIS guy did! ?

Know Perry Yu? He’s a Graduate of our coaching program, and today I wanna spotlight his story.   Before working with us, Perry was an Amazon seller. But… He was concerned about relying solely on Amazon for his traffic and sales. He knew that Amazon could technically “pull the rug” from underneath him at any time. He wanted to diversify and ... Read More »

Making Revenue but NOT Profit? >> This May Help

It’s a common “problem,” and there’s multiple ways to fix it.  First…let me get this out of the way.  I understand why people ask, “but how much of that is profit,” when they see a revenue screenshot.  But if you’re playing the LONG game of business (meaning you wanna be around more than a couple months), you’ve gotta understand one thing… REVENUE ... Read More »

In Their Own Words: Julia Sousa, SIP Graduate

Digital Traffic Ace Reviews: Julia’s Journey Sometimes the most powerful stories, are those written by actual students and clients here at Digital Traffic Ace. That’s why today I’m proud to share with you the story of Julia Sousa, an entrepreneur who graduated from our Store Implementation Program. Below is her story, in her own words. But first… What is the Store ... Read More »

How to Use Curiosity and Suspense to Increase Your Facebook Ads Performance (The Right Way )

As many as 93% of marketers use Facebook ads to reach their target audience. This competition impacts bid and average CPC which means there is little room for errors or mediocre ads. An underperforming ad campaign on Facebook can cost you a lot of money within a few days without you even realizing it. Increase in advertisers means a potential ... Read More »

Why some get results when others don’t (honesty inside)

A customer of mine recently asked a great question, and I’m gonna paraphrase it: “How can two people take the exact same actions, but one gets good results and one gets poor results?” He was referring to eCommerce. If two people research products in the same way, build their store the same way, and setup ads the same way, why ... Read More »