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Are you embarrassed to tell people what you do?

Raise your hand if you’ve ever found yourself in this awkward conversation… “So…what are you up to these days?” or… “So…what type of work do you do?” If you’re an internet marketer who doesn’t live in a bubble, your hand should be raised. And even if you *think* you know what you do, you really can’t explain it to other ... Read More »

Why I pay for haircuts…even though I’m bald

It was my senior year of high school, and what seemed like an innocent comment at the time. “Dude…you have a widow’s peak.” One of my best friends said this to me after I had just gotten a “buzz cut.” I laughed it off. A few years later in college, I was full-blown losing my hair. Today, I’m legally bald. ... Read More »

Use This Retargeting Trio to Generate Massive ROAS with Your Facebook Ads

Retargeting helps you bring back visitors to your website who have visited your website in the past but didn’t convert. According to AdRoll, only 2% of visitors buy on the first visit. This means 98% people who visit your website don’t buy, so you’ll have to bring them back to convert them into buyers. Imagine you have been spending lavishly ... Read More »

Lookalike Audiences: If you’re Not Using These 6, You’re Losing eCommerce Sales

Reaching right target audience on Facebook that will be most likely to buy from your ecommerce store gets a whole lot easier if you leverage lookalike audiences. It lets you reach people who are like your ideal customers and have a high probability of buying instead of merely engaging with your ad. Lookalike audiences work based on the source audience ... Read More »

How to Use Audience Insights to Find Amazing Targeting for Your Ecommerce Ads

Facebook has an amazing tool that can provide you with tons of data about your target audience at no cost. Audience Insights helps you make your ads relevant and laser targeted by understanding your audience interests, likes, and more. The best part: Anyone can use Facebook Audience Insights. You don’t have to be a Facebook advertiser or a page manager ... Read More »

How to Create a Compelling Lead Magnet for Your Business by Lunchtime Tomorrow

Generating traffic isn’t easy. You know it. But sending heaps of traffic to your website isn’t enough. Conversions make your efforts fruitful. It is better to have 100 visitors who convert instead of having 1000 visitors who don’t convert. A lead magnet is used for generating leads (aka conversions). Yes, a lead magnet is something that attracts leads like a ... Read More »

4 Rules of a Successful Product Description

GUEST POST So…you want someone to see your Facebook ad, click it, come to your store, and buy your product? And you wanna use some generic description for the product, with no emotion or reason people should buy? Good luck with THAT… Not many marketers understand the importance of product descriptions and how much they can impact sales. There are e-commerce studies ... Read More »

Q > S < P: Which do you choose?

Recently I was having lunch with a Best-Selling author.  This is one smart dude… Along with his book, he speaks around the country at sales conferences, consults large organizations, and still heads up sales teams locally. Even better, he’s not in the “online” world, so his sales strategies have been tested in countless areas…phone, in-home sales, door-to-door, etc. A bit ... Read More »

When you should NEVER hire a mentor

Recently I visited Disney World… And just like every time I go, I was in AWE at the operation being run in Orlando. Every park filled to capacity, hotels filled to capacity, and millions of dollars being spent probably every few minutes. Then I stumbled upon this interesting article. It’s about how Spirit Airlines has signed up for a lil’ “mentorship” ... Read More »

My golf game is WACK (found out why)

Have you ever found yourself getting WORSE at something as life goes on? Maybe you run slower… Can’t lift as much… Or just can’t handle the bar scene as well as you used to. For me, it was golf. But the thing is, golf isn’t one of those things where you should get worse over time. In fact, the more you ... Read More »