Avoid These Products

Products not selling? I think I know why. 

The products you sell online need to meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • High Perceived Value: “Wow, that’s a really nice product for a good price.”
  • Very Useful: “I could definitely use one of these to help with X.”
  • Novelty: “Ha! That’s really cool. I want one!”
  • Emotion: “Ahhh…that’s so sweet. As a Mom, I want this :).”
  • Passion: “OMG I need this! This sums me up so well.”
  • Gift: “So and so would love this!”
  • Desire: “This will help me achieve my goal of X.”

The more criteria it meets, the better. 

That said… just because it meets the criteria, doesn’t mean it’s definitely something you’ll want to try selling. 

There’s more that goes into it… like price, potential audience targeting, time of year, and more.

Here’s some additional things to keep in mind when researching products:

  1. Do I see myself selling hundreds or even thousands of this product?
  2. Can I think of, or find products that are suitable as an upsell for this product? (related to it AND of higher value). This can increase LTV.
  3. Can I just walk into Walmart and buy this off the shelf?  

If your answers to the questions above aren’t YES, YES, and NO… then it’s probably a product you want to avoid. 

These are the things no one tells you when you set out to build a profitable online store. 

They just blind you with screenshots and empty promises ;).

Anyways… use this as a guide on your product research journey. 

Best of luck. 

Wanna know why I’m bringing this up?

It’s because the #1 question we get is:

“How do I find good products to sell in my store?”

If you’re after that elusive “Winning Product,” you need to make sure you’re not just constantly testing products… but the RIGHT types of products.

That’s why we developed the “Premium Product Pick List” for members of our coaching program.

Currently it has over 100 products, and new products are added each Monday.

These are from USA / domestic suppliers.

It includes:

  • Product name.
  • Link to supplier.
  • Supplier contact info.
  • Product cost.
  • Recommended sale price.
  • The breakeven cost per purchase (ads).
  • Recommended angles to promote the product.
  • Recommended Interests to target.
  • Other misc. notes.

Our goal is to ensure the members of our community have EVERYTHING they need as they start and grow their stores.

If you want a high-level of support, done-for-you implementation, and accountability to keep you on track… click here to explore working 1:1 with our team