Baseball & Business: The Ultimate “Games” of Streaks


You may not know this, but I am a DIEHARD baseball fan.

In fact, IMO there is not a better sport on the planet than Major League Baseball (Disagree? Reply and let’s debate!)

One of the reasons I love baseball is because of the statistics involved. There are SOOOO many stats that teams use to project how valuable a player is to their team.

On top of that, the baseball season is 162 games long, with teams playing almost daily.

So if you’re a diehard like me, it’s like being married to your team (Cleveland Indians). You spend time with them each day, go through the ups and downs, but support them no matter what.

You travel with them, spend money on them, and look forward to settling down with them at the end of a long day.

And since the season is so long, teams and players naturally go on STREAKS. 

For example, a player may have an awful month of June, then go on to have the best July of any player in all of baseball.

That’s just how baseball works — guys get hot and cold. 

And that is strikingly (pun intended) similar to how things work in business as well. 

I talk to a lot of marketers, entrepreneurs and business owners, and one common theme is they get frustrated when their revenue fluctuates.

I’ve talked about this in the past, how you can’t treat your business like it’s the stock market. If you sit around all day and watch the stock market go up and down, you will drive yourself crazy. 

You are better off looking at streaks and patterns over time. How did your portfolio do over the last month? Over the last quarter? Over the last year?

If you apply this principle to business, you’ll likely notice hot and cold streaks in your revenue. 

Perhaps the end of the year is when you’re at your HOTTEST, and you cool off a bit in January.

Or maybe you’re “on fire” over the summer months, but have a relaxing 4th quarter.

But here’s the secret…

A Major League Baseball player can frustrate the heck out of his team and manager when going through cold streaks. But his HOT streaks make him a multimillionaire.

Guys get paid $100 million (or more) sometimes, just by having a few hot months each season.

And like I always say, your business only needs a few hot months to make your entire year. 

Sure, it’d be nice to make the same amount, every day, with no fluctuations. But that’s not realistic.

What’s realistic is staying steady for most of the year, keeping your head up during the cold streaks, and taking full advantage of when things are HOT. 

If you do this, you’ll avoid STRIKING OUT long term.

One thing many people don’t wanna hear, is that eCommerce can be one of the streakiest businesses out there. But just like in baseball, the HOT streaks of eCommerce are MORE than enough to make a decent living :).

In fact, we’re coming up on what is the HOTTEST time of the year — Quarter 4. If you’re ready to step up to the plate and swing for the fencesclick here and let’s have a conversation about it.