Steal this Unconventional Marketing Strategy!

Today I’m gonna share a “sneaky” resource you can use to find AMAZING ads you can model in your business. And we’ll discuss the BIG concepts that make them so effective. What’s the resource? Don’t laugh… The newspaper. Call me a dinosaur if you want… but I still read the newspaper every single morning. I can keep up with everything ... Read More »

Digital Traffic Ace Reviews: Debbie’s Story

Meet Debbie and Ken, Store Implementation Program Graduates Up until 2018, they had been running a very successful business in the retail sector. Unfortunately… their 20 year company was brought to a screeching halt by changes in tariff legislation. And it all seemingly happened overnight. Debbie, who has been struggling with a chronic illness, could not fathom what would happen ... Read More »

Digital Traffic Ace Reviews: Miranda and Leigh’s Sucess Story

Meet Miranda & Leigh  🙂. A normal couple, with normal lives…who one day decided they wanted to try and build a successful drop shipping store. * They were both working full-time. * They began watching YouTube videos and reading on how to build a successful store. * They launched a store. * And they were determined to be successful. BUT…it ... Read More »

Your “About Us” Page…

If you have a store, have you looked at your analytics recently? If you don’t have one yet, then this will be super helpful for you.  This may come as a surprise, but one of the most visited pages on ANY store is the “About Us” page. Before pulling out their credit card to make a purchase, most people want to ... Read More »

What if Facebook Ads Stop Working? 😨

As business owners, entrepreneurs, and marketers… I think one of the big concerns that we have… is what if something stops working?  What if Facebook ads are working really well for you, but they stop working? Or Instagram ads or Instagram stories…. and it stops working? When I think of this, I always reflect back to a conversation I had ... Read More »

The “New” Toilet Paper = Cash Cow

They can’t keep these things in stock… and no, I’m not referring to toilet paper, hand sanitizer, or paper towels.  (I hope your weekend is going well, BTW…)  I spent some time this morning reading, and check this article: WASHINGTON POST: What do bikes and toilet paper have in common? Both are flying out of stores amid the coronavirus pandemic. === ... Read More »

This Is Embarrassing (How Did These Guys Sleep At Night?)

Look at these numbers below:  14,481 12,345 12,230 Do you know what they stand for?  It’s the number of shots MISSED for three men who play(ed) in the NBA.  Dude… missing over 10,000 shots? EMBARRASSING, right? Well, let’s take a closer look.  The three players those numbers correspond with are:  Kobe Bryant Michael Jordan LeBron James Yes… they are in ... Read More »

Avoid These Products

Products not selling? I think I know why.  The products you sell online need to meet at least one of the following criteria: High Perceived Value: “Wow, that’s a really nice product for a good price.” Very Useful: “I could definitely use one of these to help with X.” Novelty: “Ha! That’s really cool. I want one!” Emotion: “Ahhh…that’s so sweet. As a Mom, ... Read More »

Someone Needs To See This

Ever feel like the world is working against you, the walls are caving in, and nothing seems to go right? Take comfort… it happens to all of us.  Over my nearly 10 years of entrepreneurship, it’s happened more times than I can count.  Each time I dealt with uncertainty, stress, and anxiety.  But I persevered… And you know what… there’s ... Read More »

She Stole My Idea… I Should’ve Known Better 🤷‍♂️

ME: I’ll launch a simple coffee mug in the “graduation gift” niche.  ME Again: I’ll share the results with my email subscribers.  Then… the idea was stolen.  And the person even sent me an email admitting what she did! === Hi Jeremy I wanted to let you know what I have done because I want to be transparent. I saw ... Read More »