What a gray-haired man has to do with eCommerce

Ever have those moments where you’re trying to do one thing, and you end up doing another? So it might be simple… You get on FB to check your ads. Next thing you know, 30 minutes has passed and you’re browsing the newsfeed. That’s kinda what happened to these scientists from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center: Basically, ... Read More »

Baseball & Business: The Ultimate “Games” of Streaks

You may not know this, but I am a DIEHARD baseball fan. In fact, IMO there is not a better sport on the planet than Major League Baseball (Disagree? Reply and let’s debate!) One of the reasons I love baseball is because of the statistics involved. There are SOOOO many stats that teams use to project how valuable a player is to ... Read More »

182k in a single day (I can’t believe this happened)

First off, let me express how slimy I feel for today’s post title. Any time I share crazy sales figures, I always like to bring context to the situation. We’ll do that in a moment, but first… HOW COOL IS THIS?!?     NO, this isn’t a screenshot from my Shopify store. This is actually a screenshot from a student ... Read More »

Uhhh…. a lot can happen in 8 weeks

So I’ve settled into a routine where every morning, I grab a cup of coffee, sit down with my laptop, and look at all the comments from my Facebook ads from the day before. (I’m talking about the ads for Digital Traffic Ace.) This is one of the most entertaining portions of my day — seeing people call me all types of ... Read More »

Don’t be that guy (…or gal)

We all have a friend or family member who drives us crazy, with their desire to have the world perfectly align to their each and every wish. SCENARIO: You’re out to eat with a friend.  Friend: “I really want the steak and baked potato, but I’m not droppin’ $30 on a meal.” You: “Why not just get the steak salad? It’s half ... Read More »

Fascinating statistics inside (what people will do for LESS pay)

I recently stumbled upon this article from the Harvard Business Review: Basically, the article discusses what it takes for an organization to get and retain top talent. And when it comes to the benefits that are most valued by job seekers, guess what the survey showed? Here’s the top 5: – Better health, dental, and vision insurance. – More ... Read More »

What does the Store Implementation Program cost?

I get asked this question almost daily… “What does it cost to join the Store Implementation Program?” Heck, it’s even a term that gets searched on Google a lot (LOL!). So I figured, why not address it via an email? If you aren’t familiar with the Store Implementation Program, it’s where myself and our team of five coaches, work with ... Read More »

General Store v Niche Store (Which is Best?)

It’s not quite Mike Tyson v Evander Holyfield… And it’s not up there with the Ravens v Steelers rivalry… Heck, it doesn’t even come close to the debate over which way the toilet paper roll should go. But quietly, a battle is raging online about which type of eCommerce store is best to run.  Is it better to run a ... Read More »

A healthy addiction (straight from Jerry Seinfeld)

One thing I’ve always found fascinating, is how it’s so easy to create BAD habits, but so hard to create good ones. COMMON BAD HABITS YOU ALWAYS HEAR ABOUT: – Eating too much. – Drinking too much. – Smoking. – Staying up too late. – Watching too much TV. – Checking FB too much. – Procrastinating. And so on… COMMON ... Read More »