How to get targeting ideas from Amazon (…AWESOME strategy)

If you’ve followed me for awhile, you know my love for Facebook targeting. After all, I’ve done courses on it, training, videos, and more. Finding the right interests and targeting the right people with your ads, is crucial to your success with Facebook advertising. Like I always say… You can have the best product or service, but if your targeting ... Read More »

Got this interesting email from a subscriber…

One thing that’s always fascinated me, is how the definition of “old” and “young” can be so different, depending on the context of a discussion. For example… In the NFL, once a Running Back hits age 30, he’s considered “old.” He’s out of his prime, can’t run like he used to, and has “lost a step.” And in any sport, ... Read More »

“We refuse to work with people that suck”

You’ve probably heard the phrase, “The customer is always right.” I read that a department store owner coined this phrase back in 1909. Maybe it’s just me, but I feel like THIS generation is a bit different.  While you always want to make sure to treat customers right and make them happy, it seems that nowadays, business owners are more willing ... Read More »

What 12 Months of Running an eCommerce Store Looks Like

As entrepreneurs, we all have GRAND expectations… After all, we don’t go into business to just “get by” or “pay the bills.” Most of us get in business because we see BIG opportunity — whether that’s more income, more free time, or just an overall bigger impact on your life and the world around you. So naturally, we expect some ... Read More »

When things don’t go right (…the bad side of biz)

Ever notice how on Facebook, things always seem PERFECT for everyone? Everyone has a great job… Everyone has the best family… Everyone is traveling… Everyone is eating the best meals… And on and on. While Facebook does frustrate me sometimes, I actually think it’s a GOOD thing that people share all the positive things happening in their lives. There’s enough ... Read More »

Time does indeed = Money (proof inside)

Sometimes cliches are nothing more than….well, cliches. Other times, they’re actually legitimate life lessons. Take for example the often used phrase, “Time = Money.” In a literal sense, what it means is that TIME is valuable — it’s a commodity! You should respect your time, just like you’d respect anything else of value.  And wasted time can cost you a ... Read More »

Making money while you sleep is a LIE

There are a lot of interesting things that happen while we’re sleeping each night… Crime… Snoring… Animals hanging out… Scandalous TV shows on Showtime… Just to name a few. But one thing that usually DOESN’T happen, is “making money.” (Contrary to what the gurus want you to think.) After all, making money comes from work, and how can we be ... Read More »

Don’t Quit Your Day Job…

I’ll be the first to admit… I did it backwards. June 1st, 2017 marked exactly 6 years since I started my business. It’s amazing to think that in just a few short years, I’ll have been an entrepreneur and business owner for a DECADE. But here’s a little secret… When it came to starting my business, I was a bit ... Read More »

You Want a Guarantee?

I received an interesting email from a subscriber recently… It went something like this: ‘You send emails about your coaching program, but if you would GUARANTEE people would be successful, you would get as many sign-ups as you wanted.’ Now, I’m not singling this guy out, because I get similar emails like this all the time. On the surface, it makes ... Read More »

Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

Recently I was having lunch with a friend, and we got on the topic of all the crazy sh*t you can spend money on these days. For example, my buddy is familiar with home automation, and was telling me about people that will spend $500,000 or even $1 million, just to automate their homes, inside and out. Automating their thermostat, ... Read More »