How to Create a Facebook Advertising Strategy That Floods Your E-Commerce Store With Sales

If you tell me otherwise, I’ll know you’re lying… Facebook ads and eCommerce go together like macaroni and cheese. Like sushi and shrimp sauce. Like Zack and Kelly (Saved by the Bell). So don’t try and tell me you haven’t explored creating a Facebook advertising strategy for your eCommerce business. As with any type of advertising, you gotta pony up ... Read More »

How to Leverage the Facebook Audience Overlap Tool

I know how you feel… Do you ever find it hard to keep up with all the latest Facebook changes? They are always adding new tools and features for marketers, and it’s hard to know what’s worth using and what isn’t… But one thing is for sure… If you want to get even MORE laser specific with your Facebook targeting…then you NEED ... Read More »

How to Increase Your ROI With Facebook Ads By Making Your Audience Feel Special

Today I want to show you a simple, but powerful technique that you can use to get more leads, more sales and a better ROI from your Facebook Ads. I call it the “Feel Special” Formula, since it revolves around one of the simplest, most powerful sales techniques out there: Making your target customers feel special. Before I explain the technique, ... Read More »

Email Marketing Saved This Guy’s Life (Literally)

This is from the “you can’t make this stuff up” story bank. Today I was reading an article about how doctors are using email marketing for patients who have surgery. The way it works is like this: Someone has surgery coming up. They get automated emails, asking them questions, telling them what to do, etc. Then they have surgery. After ... Read More »

The “Ongoing” Furniture Sale (Wacky, But it Works)

Recently I’ve been in the market for some new office furniture. I have an office, but nowadays I mainly work from home. Call it laziness or call it convenience, it’s just easier to grab a cup of coffee and work in the room down the hall.Anyways… So I head to one of the big furniture stores, to find some office furniture for ... Read More »

How to Double Your FB Conversions in 5 Minutes (Proof Inside)

What if I told you that by making ONE small tweak to your Facebook ads, you could DOUBLE your conversions? Last week I released a new video inside the Social Sales Growth Forum. It was about a unique way to write headlines for your Facebook ads. Different than what everyone else is teaching. SSGF member Antonio implemented right away… Pretty ... Read More »

The $2000 Coffee Machine (….this is a True Story)

I trust I’m not in the minority… Perhaps you too love a hot cup of coffee to start out your morning. Or 2… Or 6. Regardless, I’ve been a big coffee drinker for years now. I had one of those Keurig machines and all that. But recently, everything changed… I was introduced to this “secret” world of high end coffee ... Read More »

Typing on Your Keyboard is the Key to Your Facebook Success

Tap, tap, tap… That’s the sound of me typing fast on my laptop keyboard. At the same time, my eyes are completed focused in a conversation with my daughter. “Dad, how do you type without looking like that??” It really made me think… As you use a computer, over time you just learn where the buttons on the keyboard are. ... Read More »

50+ Customers in 48 Hours (Combine These 2 Things)

Holidays are a GOLDMINE for businesses around the world. Christmas sales… AFTER Christmas sales… New Year’s sales… AFTER New Year’s sales… Just check your inbox, and you’ll see what I mean. Recently I started working with a new client. In her words, her business had hit a “wall.” Facebook advertising used to work GREAT, and still did to an extent. ... Read More »