Copy the WWE to Grow Your Business (Works Immediately)

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Unless you live under a rock, you know what the WWE is. 

It’s SPORTS ENTERTAINMENT, otherwise known as “Professional Wrestling.”

I’ve been a fan since I was probably 6 years old.

As I got older, I used to shy away from telling people I watched wrestling.

“Are you serious? You still watch that?”

Then I realized I didn’t G.A.F what people thought, so now I EMBRACE it.

It’s entertaining, just like any other TV show. 

“But Jeremy, it’s fake!”


And “The Big Bang Theory” is real?

What about “The Walking Dead?”

I had NO CLUE that was a real show, and not fake.

Besides live sports (which I love), everything on TV is fake. 

Yes, even your favorite reality show is staged to a degree, to get the highest ratings possible.


Beneath the entertainment of WWE is a HUGE secret to growing your business. 

A few years back the WWE launched the “WWE Network.”

It’s basically like a Netflix, but JUST with WWE programming.

It costs $9.99 per month, and you get access to their entire archive of old shows and tons of new content.

In fact, it’s more than I could ever watch.

But the BIGGEST thing you get access to are the WWE Special Events. 

Shows like Wrestlemania, SummerSlam, and so on…

Shows that WWE charges $65 for if you order them on your own.

So I can pay $9.99 a month to get access to the Special Events AND all the other content.


I can pay $65 for the special events and get none of the other content.

As a wrestling fan, it’s a no brainer.

But Here’s the Magic Behind it All

Every single week WWE has their “regular” shows on “free” TV.

Monday Night Raw.

Thursday Night Smackdown.

And sometimes more.

These shows are entertaining in themselves, but what they REALLY are, are GIANT sales pages for their MAIN PRODUCT, the “WWE Network.”

Each week these shows provide great value and entertainment.

But the REAL payoff comes at the Special Events each month. 

The free weekly shows build up feuds and get you excited for matches.

But in order to see those matches, you need to be a subscriber to the WWE Network so you can watch the Special Events.

It’s a BRILLIANT business model, and the reason the WWE has millions of subscribers to its Network (and continues to grow it).

You Can Do the Same Thing in Your Business

By “copying” what the WWE does, you can sell more of your products and services.

WWE’s free content are their shows and their website.

YOUR free content can be your social media posts, your blog content, your videos, your lead magnets, and your emails.

You can use this content to give great value and “tease” your audience.

But if they want the REAL payoff, they’ve gotta pony up.

They will need to BUY your product or service.

I Do it in My Business and it Works AMAZING. 

I have a membership community that people pay $47/month to be a part of.

I consistently provide great value and “tease” the community.

People know that to get the great content (ie. the PAYOFF), they need to join.

That’s helped me build it up to around 300 members in just a few months.

For my coaching, it works the same.

My emails and blog content provide great value.

But they also tease at a larger possibility…

The possibility that with MY help, you can grow and scale your business with Facebook advertising.

People know that to shortcut their success…and to get BIG results in their business, they NEED to make the leap and work with me.

Start Doing This Today

As you post on social media…

As you write blog content…

As you created videos…

As you email your list…

Make sure it has a PURPOSE.

Make sure you give JUST enough value to keep people entertained.

But make sure they know that to REALLY get what they want…

To REALLY tie everything together…

They’ll need to buy your product or service.

It may not happen today…

It may not happen tomorrow…

But if you master the “art of the tease” and stay consistent, it WILL happen.

You never know when that ONE headline or that ONE bullet point will suck a prospect in and turn them into a CUSTOMER. 

And to think…

I learned all this from watching grown men in underwear throw each other around a wrestling ring.


P.S. – The trap people fall into sometimes is trying to make Facebook ads the first AND last step of their sales process.

But the REAL money in business is made in the follow-up.

If you’re overwhelmed and know you need help doing all this in your business, let’s talk.

Doing it on your own can be tough.

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