Digital Traffic Ace Reviews: Debbie’s Story

Meet Debbie and Ken, Store Implementation Program Graduates

Up until 2018, they had been running a very successful business in the retail sector.

Unfortunately… their 20 year company was brought to a screeching halt by changes in tariff legislation.

And it all seemingly happened overnight.

Debbie, who has been struggling with a chronic illness, could not fathom what would happen if they lost not only their income, but their health insurance too.

And using a wheelchair to get to a regular 9 to 5 job was NOT an option for her.

So… her and Ken decided they would build an online business…

A drop shipping store.

Like many people, they spent thousands of dollars on several drop shipping courses, only to get very little one-on-one help or answers to their questions.

(Sound familiar?)

All the content was only geared towards drop shipping from overseas, and she knew she couldn’t build a sustainable store this way.

Things weren’t looking good, and they wondered what to do next.

Around that time, Debbie saw an ad for our company…

Ironically, it was a post similar to this one, telling the story of another couple who worked with our team and built a successful store.

After liking what she saw, she decided to schedule a call with our team, and explore how we could help her and Ken grow their online store.

After a lengthly discussion, Debbie and Ken decided to take the leap  🙂.

They joined our Store Implementation Program.

They quickly dove in, got to work, attended their coaching calls, and started making things happen!

In what seemed like a blink of the eyes, their store was making up to $100 per day in sales.

Before they knew it, along came their first $200 day.

Next up… $500.

And as you may have guessed, this was followed by their first $1,000 day.

Driven my ambition and what many might consider an unmatched work ethic, Debbie and Ken didn’t stop there…

Within six months of working with our team, they were up as high as $6,000 a day in sales.

As of the time of this post, they’re in the midst of CONSISTENT 6-figure months.

In fact, they’re on track to TRIPLE the volume they were doing in their previous retail business.

I think we can all agree this is an AMAZING story.

And while making sales and bringing in profit is nice, what’s even better is seeing what this has done for Debbie and Ken.

Debbie can now work flexible hours, which is crucial when having to deal with an illness that has its ups and downs.

Best of all, both Debbie and Ken are now able to spend time with their child at home, instead of having to work a regular, full-time job.

A few things to keep in mind:

– We don’t believe in hype. There’s already enough of it online.

– Debbie and Ken’s results are NOT typical, and they didn’t happen overnight. Starting and growing a business comes with no guarantees.

– These kinds of results take TIME and WORK.

– Building a successful business like this comes with challenges. Debbie and Ken had a powerful WHY that helped them to keep going, even when things weren’t going perfectly.

As the creator of our flagship program – the Store Implementation Program – I’ve gotta be honest.

Our students make us look REALLY good.

THEY deserve the credit for their success.

Debbie and Ken’s story is just one of many that have resulted out of the collaboration between driven entrepreneurs like you, and our team of skilled coaches.

In fact, to my knowledge… SIP is the only mentorship program that works one-on-one with individuals for a full 12-months, helping them build successful eCommerce businesses.

And we do it with our team of coaches, that have a combined 25+ years of eCommerce experience.

If you want to explore working with our team, click here to schedule an exploratory, no-obligation call.

You might learn more on this one call than you learned from the last $997 course you purchased  😉.