Digital Traffic Ace Reviews: Miranda and Leigh’s Sucess Story

Meet Miranda & Leigh  🙂.

A normal couple, with normal lives…who one day decided they wanted to try and build a successful drop shipping store.

* They were both working full-time.

* They began watching YouTube videos and reading on how to build a successful store.

* They launched a store.

* And they were determined to be successful.

BUT…it just wasn’t working as planned…

…UNTIL we got ahold of them and they signed up to work with us.

Within a few weeks of joining our program, things began to CLICK…

 They learned how to find cool products people would wanna buy.

 We helped them build a high-converting store for their products.

 They learned how to run ads that made people want to buy their stuff.

And… (drumroll)…

They got their store doing up to $1000 per day in sales!

They were excited…but little did they know what was to come.

About a year later, they were still going strong!

They were consistently doing $2000-3000 per day in sales…but knew they could do better.

So they came to us and asked for help again.

Within a week or two, they were up to $5,000 per day in sales.

A little awhile later…$10,000.

And at last check…their store was doing up to $14,000 per day in sales!!


They are expanding their product line, outsourcing more work, and living a more fulfilling life.

And it couldn’t have happened to a nicer couple.

With two kids, this gives Miranda and Leigh a lot of flexibility.

Leigh was able to leave his full-time job.

Miranda did too…and now stays home with the kids.

It’s important to note a few things:

* None of this is typical. It’s not normal to go out and build a store that does $14,000 per day in sales. Building a successful business is hard work!

* The big thing is they learned how to build a successful store…and gained the knowledge and skill sets to grow it over time.

* We don’t deserve the credit. They put in sooo much work, implemented what we taught, and consistently worked to grow and expand. It’s a TEAM effort.

I share stories like these because it really puts into perspective what our team is able to achieve when we work side-by-side with motivated entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs who can see past the “glitzy” hype of online marketing…and instead are focused on building a business that can last long-term.

And we help them do it through our “secret” edge:

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