Does FB fly you First Class….or Coach?


Tell me if this sounds familiar…

You have an Ad Set doing REALLY well on Facebook, so you decide to clone it so you can start scaling.

Yet, when you clone it, the NEW Ad Set performs way differently than your winning Ad Set.

If you can relate, I’ve got some advice for you…

Now you’re probably hoping I can give you a scientific reason this happens, and how to avoid it.

Sorry, not happening.

Instead, my advice to you is:


What do I mean by this?

I say this a lot, and people laugh.

Your ads are running to REAL people.

Believe it or not, FB impressions are not ROBOTS.

Now obviously I’m being a bit sarcastic, but I bring this up, because many times people wonder why one Ad Set can perform so well, then it’s cloned, and becomes a dud.

If you’re going to be successful with Facebook ads, you need to EMBRACE the RANDOMNESS of it all. 

Understand that the first few hundred impressions of your Ad Set can make or break the success of it.

This doesn’t have to be a negative, because those impressions can also work in your favor.

This means when scaling, you’ll need to launch multiple ad sets, and let Facebook find those winners.

You cannot expect every ad set to perform the same. 

ENGAGEMENT is a huge factor in the success of your ads.

If FB sees amazing engagement, then you are more likely to get First Class treatment towards your objective.

If not, you might get thrown into Coach.

But you’ve GOTTA make sure you’re giving yourself enough chances to fly :).

Don’t launch one Ad Set and call it a day.

If you wanna fly First Class with Facebook, give them what they want :).

Embracing the randomness of FB ads is true for any business, including eCommerce. Fortunately, if you’re doing eCom, we can help.