Don’t Quit Your Day Job…

I’ll be the first to admit…

I did it backwards.

June 1st, 2017 marked exactly 6 years since I started my business.

It’s amazing to think that in just a few short years, I’ll have been an entrepreneur and business owner for a DECADE.

But here’s a little secret…

When it came to starting my business, I was a bit of a “wuss.”

I’d love to tell you some story about how one day I stormed out of my office, flicked off my boss, and slammed the door on my corporate lifestyle.

But that’s not quite what happened…

In fact, while I always “talked” about starting my own business, it took me getting laid off to actually get moving.

I felt like if I didn’t do it then, when would I?

I HATED the corporate life, and knew this was MY TIME.

I was reminded of this today when I saw this post inside our eCommerce coaching community.


That’s a student inside our program explaining how in just a few short weeks, he’s already making as much from his store, as he makes working 6-7 hours at his job.

Think about starting a brand new business, and getting it to $400 per day in sales in just a few weeks.

Typical? NO.

Possible? You bet your ass it is.

Now you’re probably thinking I’m gonna talk about how great it is that you can start a luxurious eCommerce business, quit your job, and live a life on the beach.


If you know me, you know that’s not my style.

In fact, I advise our clients, students, and customers to do the OPPOSITE.

I don’t care how much you’re making, I don’t think quitting your job after a few good weeks or months is a smart life decision.

Sure, I’ve heard why people do this…

“It’s now or never…”

“Do or die…”

“My back’s against the wall…”

And while I understand that mentality, I don’t advise it.

Instead, you’re better off keeping your job, or making it more flexible if you can.

And in the meantime, stash away the profits you’re making from your eCom business, so you have a nice nest egg set aside for if and when you DO decide to make the full-time leap into entrepreneurship.

That way if you have a few bad weeks or months, you aren’t struggling to find your next meal.

After all, entrepreneurship is NOT easy, and challenges WILL present themselves.

But let me be clear…

My job isn’t to babysit you.

I’m not your Mommy or Daddy and I can’t tell you what to do.

But what I WILL do, is give you my best advice, based on my own experience and the experience of others I’ve worked with.

What you choose to do with that advice is up to you.

Okay, but enough of this serious talk…

How cool is it that this dude hopped in our program, got his store up, turned on ads, and is already making enough money to replace his job??

One of those times where I sit back, and appreciate what’s possible with the internet.

And guess what?

He’s a normal guy…

Just like us.

All he did was take a chance on himself, put in hard work, and now he’s seeing the payoff.

What about you?

The year is flying by, and will be over before you know it,

Are you on pace to hit your goals?

Did you tell yourself this was YOUR year, but have procrastinated on making it happen?

If you’ve tried the whole eCom thing and haven’t gotten the results you want, my team is waiting to speak with you.

After all, it’s our JOB :).