Easy way to come up with product ideas


Today’s post is directed at those of you who feel you lack “ideas.”

Now the title references an easy way to come up with product ideas, but in fact, this works for almost anything. 

You’ve likely heard the quote, “Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery.”

Notice how the quote doesn’t say, Copying is the sincerest form of flattery.”

It says imitate, which to me means to “model” or “emulate.”

In other words, find something you like and then tweak it to be your own. 

Going back to my sentence above about how this works for almost anything…

Take sales pages, email subject lines, FB ad copy, and more…

Marketers have made FORTUNES off selling their “formula” for others to model in their own businesses.

“Here’s the 7 part email sequence I used to make $XYZ. Swipe it and change it up for your own business.”

That’s just one example.

But for product ideas, it works just as well.

And while it can be for ANY product — digital or physical — I wanna quickly discuss how to use this for physical products.

Maybe you do a FB graph search and see some products selling well…

Or maybe you find some on eBay, Etsy, or Aliexpress.

It doesn’t really matter, the key is figuring out the appeal of that product. Why is it so popular? Why are people buying it?

And the next step is figuring out how you can adapt that to a similar product and a similar or brand new audience.

For example, do you remember when people were selling those “Keep Calm & X” t-shirts, where X would be something different on every shirt?

Heck, they still sell!

Keep Calm & Play Soccer

Keep Calm & Drink Whiskey

And on and on…

And people adapted them to shirts, shot glasses, mugs, and so on…

THAT is what I mean by finding something that’s already selling well, and adapting it.

It could be as similar as finding a good selling product and selling a similar one in a different color.

And if you can’t find a way to make the product unique, at least try to find a new angle for a new audience. 

We always use golf as an example…

If someone is targeting the entire golf niche, maybe you narrow down and target Moms who have kids who golf.

Or maybe only female golfers.

Suddenly you just found a way to make the product unique.

If you start thinking like this, you’ll easily come up with new product ideas.

Does it mean they will all work?

Nope, but at least you’re putting your own spin on it, and giving yourself a way to stand out from all the other ads out there.

Let me know your thoughts…

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