Email Marketing Saved This Guy’s Life (Literally)


This is from the “you can’t make this stuff up” story bank.

Today I was reading an article about how doctors are using email marketing for patients who have surgery.

The way it works is like this:

Someone has surgery coming up.

They get automated emails, asking them questions, telling them what to do, etc.

Then they have surgery.

After surgery, they get daily emails (again, automated) asking them questions, telling them what to do, etc.

They might get an email saying, “Did you take your medication today?”

Stuff like that.

So for the doctor, it’s all automated.

These daily emails go out to the patient.

Just like as marketers we send automated emails to leads/customers.


So there’s this guy named Dave Larson that had knee surgery.

(You can read this story here — I’m not making it up.)

He was getting these automated follow-up emails from his doctor.

In fact, he kind of got sick of them.

“Oh brother, another email from the doctor.”

Then one day the automated email asked if he had calf pain.

He replied to the email, “yes.”

The doctor called him immediately and told him to come in for an ultrasound.

Turns out he had a blood clot.

He had no clue and neither did the doctor.

But since he got that automated daily email about his calf and responded to it, the doctor knew something was wrong.


And to think, we only look at email marketing as a way to make $$$.

In this case, it was used to potentially save this guy’s life.

Now I’m not a doctor (…although I tell my wife I have a P.H.D in love).

But I do use email marketing.

But not to save lives.

Instead, I use it to help save businesses.

In fact, I recently did a training inside my Social Sales Growth Forum on how a partner and I scaled a Facebook campaign from $75 per day to $780 per day (…while increasing ROI).

Yes, you’ve probably heard all about how you can’t increase the budget on a Facebook campaign without losing ROI and paying more per click.

I heard it too.

So I debunked it.

Screw those tiny $5/day budgets.

Go big or go home.


I covered the EXACT strategy we used to do this type of scaling on a Members Only Webinar.

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