Fascinating statistics inside (what people will do for LESS pay)


I recently stumbled upon this article from the Harvard Business Review:


Basically, the article discusses what it takes for an organization to get and retain top talent.

And when it comes to the benefits that are most valued by job seekers, guess what the survey showed?

Here’s the top 5:

– Better health, dental, and vision insurance.

– More flexible hours.

– More vacation time.

– Work-from-home options.

– Unlimited vacation.

Interesting…isn’t it?

Chances are, YOU set out to build an online business for many of those same reasons listed above. 

Perhaps you wanted more flexible hours — maybe you’re a morning person and like to relax in the afternoons. Or maybe you are most productive after 4pm, and prefer to run errands in the AM.

Or maybe you wanted to be able to go on vacations more often — to visit family and friends, visit locations you’ve never been to before, and explore new cultures.

Or maybe you just want to ability to work-from-home — to avoid the morning and afternoon traffic, to have a bit more work/life balance from your living room or home office.

“Working” isn’t what it used to be…

It used to just be accepted that you go to work, come home, and do the same thing the next day.

You work hard, move your way up the company, then retire after a number of years.

But nowadays, that mentality has been flipped on its head!

People want balance, flexibility, and choices.

So much so, that they’d be willing to work for LESS money to get what they want!

Just check this quote out from the article:

“A majority of respondents reported that flexible hours, more vacation time, more work-from-home options, and unlimited vacation time could help give a lower-paying job an edge over a high-paying job with fewer benefits. Furthermore, flexibility and work-life balance are of utmost importance to a large segment of the workforce: parents. They value flexible hours and work-life balance above salary and health insurance in a potential job…”

I hear this almost every day.

The above survey and data doesn’t come as a surprise to me at all.

In fact, about 8-9 years ago, if I was surveyed, my answers likely would have been the same.

I wanted more flexibility, the option to work-from-home, and the ability to get up and travel (…and work while doing it).

And almost 100% of the time when I get an email or talk to someone, their goals are exactly the same.

In fact, when someone joins our Store Implementation Program, the first thing we have them do is VIVIDLY write-out what their ideal day and business looks like. 

What time they wake up, what they do during the day, where they go, etc.

And every single time, it involves the elements listed above. Being more free, balanced, flexible, and in control of your time.

And why not?

After all, when you set out to build a business, you wanna do things YOUR way.

This doesn’t mean it’s easy — in fact, it’s HARDER. You’re going to face challenges you’ve never faced before. Uncertainties you’ve never encountered…

But in the end, if you set out to build something special, it’s all worth it.

If that’s something that sounds appealing to you, then click the link below, and lets get started creating your own vision 🙂