General Store v Niche Store (Which is Best?)


It’s not quite Mike Tyson v Evander Holyfield…

And it’s not up there with the Ravens v Steelers rivalry…

Heck, it doesn’t even come close to the debate over which way the toilet paper roll should go.

But quietly, a battle is raging online about which type of eCommerce store is best to run. 

Is it better to run a General store, that sells all types of products?

Or is it better to run a Niche store, that focuses on one specific audience?

Today, I hope to provide some clarification on that.

Now let me start off by taking the easy way out, and saying that BOTH types of stores work and can be profitable (…and in fact, I test both).

GENERAL STORE (Some Perks): 

– Can test all types of products.

– Can test different niches.

– Can run lots of cool promotions and deals.

– Can sell products that appeal to multiple niches and people.

NICHE STORE (Some Perks): 

– Really appeal to one type of “person.”

– Easier to build a brand, which can help when doing email marketing, ongoing promotions, etc.

– Related up sells and cross sells might be easier.

– Ability to JV or find other products/services in that specific niche that may appeal to your audience.

I could list more for each, but that’s a good start.

So then what’s the answer…which is best?

Well, what I want to do is give you MY opinion on what the progression of a successful eCommerce store(s) and overall business can and might look like.

In my opinion, starting out with a General store is best.

You can test a bunch of different products and niches, instead of pigeon-holing yourself into a specific audience from the start.

By doing this, you can then “stumble” upon a product or niche that performs well for you and converts.

Compare this to starting out with a Niche store, where you are basically forced to sell to one type of audience. And if that audience doesn’t convert for you, then what?

Sure, you can do research and go into markets that you know have buyers. But if for some reason you just can’t make it work, you’re left with a pretty looking niche store that isn’t making money.

So why not do THIS instead…?

START with a General store, find a product(s) and niche(s) that converts for you, THEN build a Niche store around that product(s) and niche(s).

Then you can do a few things:

– Surround your winning products with complimentary products in that niche.

– Use your pixel and/or audiences from the winning product, in your new account/store.

– Build a store/brand in a niche that is ALREADY selling and converting for you.

And what’s even cooler?

You still have your General store running, where you can test MORE products and niches, find MORE winners, and build MORE Niche stores if you want.

To me, this is a WIN-WIN when it comes to the General v Niche store debate.

In fact, this is the EXACT strategy we teach inside the Store Implementation Program. 

We help all of our students build a General store, test multiple products/niches, and find winners.

And then if they want to build a Niche store, they can do that.

Or they can just keep running the General store, if they wanna keep things a bit simpler.

The beauty is, it’s YOUR choice. 

Just this past weekend, we had multiple students posting their recent success…

From their first sales, to their first hundred dollar days, to their first 1k days.

I LOVE talking about this stuff, because not only is it fun, but it’s sooooo amazing to see someone have a breakthrough.

It never gets old, and our entire Leadership Team takes PRIDE in seeing it happen week after week.

So why not join us?

If that sounds fun to ya, click here and explore joining our Store Implementation Program. 

After all, the year is flying by (…more on that in a future post).

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