He Turned a 40 Cent Click Into a $189 Sale (This is Why Retargeting Exists)

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It’s a combination of three things…

And together, they’re POWERFUL.

* First, you have Facebook ads.

* Second, you have micro-commitments.

* Third, you have retargeting.

Here’s a little secret for you…

Every profitable business makes sales using a series of micro-commitments.

Getting their potential customers to take little steps, until eventually they take the BIG step, and become a customer.

Even if you run a Facebook ad directly to a sales page, there are still a series of micro-commitments built in.

* Micro-Commitment #1: Get your target audience to see your ad and stop to read it.

* Micro-Commitment #2: Get your target audience to be intrigued by the ad and click on it.

* Micro-Commitment #3: Get your target audience to like what they see on the sales page and trust it.

* Micro-Commitment #4: Get your target audience to click to add your product to their cart.

* Micro-Commitment #5: Get your target audience to put in their payment info and hit submit.

Think about it…

That’s the whole reason RETARGETING exists!

To re-engage people at the point they left off in a series of micro-commitments.

Did someone view your sales page and leave?

You retarget them.

Did someone add your item to their cart, but not pay?

You retarget them.

So here’s a real life example of this in action…

I recently helped restructure a funnel for a new coaching client.

It used to go: Facebook Ad > Free eBook > Main Product

Now it goes: Facebook Ad > Free Cheat Sheet > $7 eBook > Main Product

All I did was help him build in more micro-commitments leading to his main product.

This increases the likelihood people will buy it.

So him and I were talking yesterday…

And he was EXCITED.

On December 23rd, someone found his website on Pinterest and clicked to it.

They didn’t take any action…

But since we have a Facebook pixel on his website, we were able to show that SAME person a Facebook ad a few days later.

It simply invited them back to the website to download a free cheat sheet.

They clicked and downloaded the cheat sheet.

But they didn’t stop there…

After making that first micro-commitment, they then decided to buy the $7 eBook.

But it gets even better…

From there, they decided to buy the $189 core product.


A 40 cent click to a $189 sale — all within MINUTES.

All because we combined the power of Facebook ads, micro-commitments, and retargeting.

And this is just the start.

Plenty more of these will come since we have his system up and running properly.

Moral of the story? 

Look at your business and see how you can make it EASIER for your customers to buy.

What series of micro-commitments can you develop to make it more likely someone will purchase from you?

And ALWAYS make sure to retarget people at each stage of your micro-commitments.

Wherever they fell off, bring them back in.


P.S. – Here’s something most “marketers” won’t tell you…

There is no “one size fits all” when it comes to Facebook advertising.

That’s why you can buy course after course, but still struggle to grow your business to the level you want.

Many CONCEPTS work across multiple businesses, but you need to find the ones that will have the biggest impact on YOUR business.

If you know you need to be doing these things, but just can’t figure it out on your own, we should talk.

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