How Google + Facebook = Laser Targeted Ads

How Google + Facebook = Laser Targeted Ads

We all know Facebook’s targeting platform is arguably the best on the market right now. With the plethora of options, data and combinations, you can seemingly build an entire empire with just Facebook traffic.

Google needs no introduction either, as the search giant still dominates the landscape when it comes to search and display traffic.

But did you know you can combine the two and really fine-tune your Facebook ads?


Let me explain…

Many of the marketers who use Facebook will run ads to the whole USA or to a specific state.  This may not be the best idea.

See, certain geography areas are more prone to buy certain items than others. The ROI on a Facebook campaign can be dramatically improved upon with a little knowledge of who wants to buy your stuff. And I’m not talking about interests, I’m speaking of location.

That’s where Google comes in.

Still confused?

This video explains it all…

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Jeremy Salem is the President of SmartStep Media LLC, a digital marketing agency. He is also an author, product creator and consultant at Digital Traffic Ace.

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  1. Awesome!! Thanks you so much! Really helpful! I already use Facebook insight but never though about crossing my targeting with google trends! Glad I found your website I’m already a fan and will be a follower 😉