How to Create a Facebook Advertising Strategy That Floods Your E-Commerce Store With Sales

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If you tell me otherwise, I’ll know you’re lying…

Facebook ads and eCommerce go together like macaroni and cheese.

Like sushi and shrimp sauce.

Like Zack and Kelly (Saved by the Bell).

So don’t try and tell me you haven’t explored creating a Facebook advertising strategy for your eCommerce business.

As with any type of advertising, you gotta pony up some cash to really see the benefits of this type of marketing.

But I get it…

You want to make sure your money and time are well spent, regardless of the advertising platforms you choose.

If you’ve finally realized Facebook advertising is where it’s at, it’s time you come up with a strategy to cash in.

Good news…There are proven tactics that are more likely to deliver the return on investment you seek.

Here are a few tips for creating a Facebook ad strategy for your e-commerce store.

Make it Social

If you’re going to bother advertising through social media, it only makes sense that you should embrace the strengths of social media.

In other words, add a social element to your campaigns.

Keep in mind — Facebook users aren’t necessarily interested in shopping when they log in to their Facebook accounts, but they ARE interested in socializing.

If you can find ways to grab their attention, you may be able to convince them to switch gears.

Facebook ads give you the opportunity to connect socially with consumers by telling a story about your brand that makes you relatable and encourages engagement.

In this way you can begin to earn “friends,” rather than simply collecting followers and likes.

Your ads can help you to tell Facebook users what your brand stands for rather than just what it can sell them.

This is a unique chance to let your customers peek at the wizard behind the curtain, so to speak, and see the human element behind the corporate facade.

Now I know what you’re thinking…

“This seems like such a long term approach.”


Well, you want to be in business for a long time, right?

It can be a longer term approach, but there is MORE good news…

You CAN sell right away using Facebook ads.

But only if you…

Avoid Generic Ads

When you’re competing for attention there are few things worse than being generic.

You need to stand out if you want to be heard.

Of course, this is easier said than done.

So how can you be original?

Let me tell you a little secret…


You don’t necessarily have to be unique if you have pinpoint targeting and can customize your ads to your audience.

By creating focused “personas” – working moms, college students, extreme sports athletes, organic gardening enthusiasts, and so on – you can focus on a much smaller audience and speak to their interests and needs directly.

“Love flank steak? Then check out our best-selling marinade that goes perfect…”

This, in turn, can dramatically improve your results and your ROI.

But one thing that can make people buy products right away from your store is if you…

Use Incentives

Whether you’re trying to generate leads, make sales, achieve other conversions, or all of the above, incentivizing customers can give you an edge over competitors.

Discounts, deals, giveaways, contests, and so on are pretty standard tactics to incentivize customers.

And they freaking WORK!

However, you can take your efforts a step further with a bit of psychology.

(Okay, mind tricks…)

Nobody wants to miss out on a good deal, and you can capitalize by adding a sense of urgency to your ads, with language like “limited time”, “today only”, “offer expires [date]”, etc.

Conveying this urgency will prompt users with FOMO (anxiety caused by a fear of missing out) to seal the deal and make a purchase.

I don’t care what it is, just give people a reason to take action NOW!

Incorporating this strategy into your Facebook ads is single-handedly the quickest way to bring in a flood of sales and new customers. 


But it doesn’t have to end there.

You can cash in even more if you take the time to…

Follow Up

So your ads have done their work and brought visitors to your website, product pages, and even shopping cart.

Then, for some reason, they abandon your site without making a purchase.

WTF are you supposed to do now???

These people are clearly interested in your brand and your products since they went so far as to fill a shopping cart.

Don’t let them get away!

It’s time to retarget these customers with personalized ads that bring them back to complete their transactions.

Facebook offers you an easy way to accomplish this thanks to their Dynamic Product Ads tools.

This feature allows you to populate ads with the very products users were looking at – the products they viewed, added to the cart, or even purchased previously.

All you have to do is create templates and the tool will pull pertinent information (product name, description, price, graphic image, and other information) from your catalog.

It’s actually kinda creepy, which is why it’s so effective.


So someone who left your store may see an ad like:

”What happened? You were browsing our store and looking at [insert dynamic product], but you didn’t complete your purchase. Hurry back before the sale ends — or I’ll retarget you on Google, Twitter, and Instagram too.”

Okay, so I’d probably leave out that last part, but you get the point.

This is going to bring you a lot of sales for a tiny amount of ad spend.

But this whole process won’t be complete if you don’t…

Track, Analyze, Hone Your Strategy

I know this sounds boring…and trust me, it kinda is.

But it needs to be done.

The best thing about online advertising in general is your ability to track how ads perform.

Your Facebook strategy needs to include this step, so that you can analyze the effects of your ads, see what’s working and what isn’t, and improve your strategy for the best possible outcome.

There is no substitute for taking those extra steps to REALLY fine tune your campaign and squeeze out extra ROI.


Soooo….What Do You Think?

Are you using these strategies to bring in sales to your eCommerce store?

Have you found Facebook to bring a big ROI to your business.

Let me know in the comments below!


About The Author

Jeremy Salem is the President of SmartStep Media, a digital marketing agency, and an author, product creator and online business strategist at Digital Traffic Ace. He is also a diehard sports fan, who constantly paces around the coffee table and screams at the TV during games. Beyond that, he is well-known for paying $22 every three weeks for a haircut, even though he’s been going bald since his senior year of high school. Lastly, his “professional” photo that you see on this website was actually taken by his wife in their kitchen on a random Tuesday morning.