How to Double Your FB Conversions in 5 Minutes (Proof Inside)

double conversions

What if I told you that by making ONE small tweak to your Facebook ads, you could DOUBLE your conversions?

Last week I released a new video inside the Social Sales Growth Forum.

It was about a unique way to write headlines for your Facebook ads.

Different than what everyone else is teaching.

SSGF member Antonio implemented right away…

Screen Shot 2016-01-05 at 7.37.44 AM

Pretty powerful stuff.

What’s even MORE powerful is when you combine my headline strategy with this week’s training.

Tomorrow I am sharing a strategy I used for a client to bring in 124 new customers in just 96 hours. 

She’s been in business for 7 years, and she’s NEVER brought in that many customers in 96 hours…

Here’s a hint:

It involves using “holidays” in your marketing campaigns.

They can be real holidays OR they can be made up ones you create yourself.

It’s fun, and it works.

But to get access, you need to be a member of the Social Sales Growth Forum:

Learn more here:


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