How to Get Your Ads Shown to the BEST People on Facebook


We all do sneaky things sometimes, and Facebook is no different. 

You know when you’re out at a restaurant and you order a “water” to drink.

But then you get to the drink fountain and see your favorite soda or punch as an option…

So you do a quick look left and right…..back behind you…..then make your move…

You put soda in the water cup, put a lid on and walk away like nothing happened. 

Well Facebook kinda did the same thing and now they are coming clean. 

I’ve always been a bit suspicious that Facebook treats your ads differently based on how high you bid. 

And I’m not talking about the amount of impressions you get. 

I’m talking about showing your ads to the best people in an audience and to the entire audience. 

Remember, Facebook has enough data on ALL OF US to know exactly what we click on, what we engage with and more. 

Let’s say Facebook’s “suggested” bid amount is $0.35 –$0.65. If you bid in that range, or even bid HIGHER, you will definitely get impressions on your ad. 

But do you ever notice if you bid around the “suggested” bid, the reach frequency of your ad goes higher….meaning the same people are seeing it over and over?  

This is because Facebook is saving the BEST people in the audience for advertisers willing to bid more. 

And here is the proof… a little note from Facebook:

Snap 2014-08-11 at 07.47.11

Right there, Facebook is telling us that if we bid higher, they will show our ads to more QUALITY people in our audience. 

Facebook is throttling our reach if we don’t bid enough, and just showing our ads to the same people over and over. 

And remember, increasing your bid may cause you to pay a tad more, but if it gets your message in front of the right people…..well isn’t that worth the cost?

I’ve now started putting my bid at even $1 or $2 above the suggested bid, and am seeing great results. 

Just make sure your daily spend is set right so you don’t blow your whole budget at once…

Give it a try this week and see what happens.


About The Author

Jeremy Salem is the President of SmartStep Media LLC, a digital marketing agency. He is also an author, product creator and consultant at Digital Traffic Ace.