How to Increase Your ROI With Facebook Ads By Making Your Audience Feel Special

No seriously, this offer is JUST for you!(...At least that's what I want youto think).

Today I want to show you a simple, but powerful technique that you can use to get more leads, more sales and a better ROI from your Facebook Ads.

I call it the “Feel Special” Formula, since it revolves around one of the simplest, most powerful sales techniques out there:

Making your target customers feel special.

Before I explain the technique, let me give you an example of how making someone feel special affects their reaction to your ad.

Imagine it’s two days until your best friend’s 30th birthday.

You’re walking through the mall and you pass a bakery with a sign in its window advertising birthday cakes.

If you’re interested, you might walk into the store and buy a cake.

On the other hand, you might keep on walking and pass by the bakery without ever stepping inside.

Now imagine that instead of just advertising birthday cakes, the store has a sign in the window offering a special discount on birthday cakes only for people about to turn 30.

They’ll even add your friend’s name to the cake, free of charge.

That offer gets your attention, doesn’t it?

Since it’s so specific, it feels like it’s singling you out and talking directly to you.

Let’s look at another example…

Pretend you’re a new mom.

You’re trying to stay healthy and get back into shape as quickly as possible, but your new responsibilities mean you just don’t have time to cook healthy meals for yourself (after all, you’ve got a baby to take care of).

You walk past a store with a flyer in the window advertising freshly cooked healthy meals, with free home delivery.

There’s even a 20% off promotion specifically for new moms interested in getting back into shape!

This is the Feel Special Formula in action.

When advertising is specific to your needs and talks directly to you as a person, you feel special when you see it.

It’s no longer mass marketing ­­ it’s a special offer designed specifically for you and delivered specifically to you.

Thanks to Facebook’s incredible targeting options, we can put the Feel Special Formula to use in our Facebook Ads campaigns to generate extremely high click-through rates, extremely cheap traffic, and a great return on investment.

How to Use Events to Make People Feel Special

One of the easiest ways to put the Feel Special Formula to work for you campaign is to design and target your ad around an evergreen event.

Evergreen events are events that always occur, like birthdays and engagements.

Everyone has a birthday, so there’s a consistent audience of people for you to target with your ads.

Also, people are always getting engaged and married, so there’s a constant supply of newly engaged / newlyweds for you to market to.

Targeting an evergreen event works much better than targeting a one­-off event like a concert or sports event, since you can run the campaign continuously instead of just for a short period.

Facebook’s detailed targeting options make it easy to target via evergreen events.

For example, we can target people with an upcoming birthday and create a unique offer that makes them feel special:

feel-special-01Here’s an example of a News Feed ad built around an upcoming birthday:

feel-special-02Image source:

Three features help this ad make the viewer feel special:

1. It’s targeted to people that have upcoming birthdays, so the audience is hyper relevant.

2. It directly references their upcoming birthday in the copy, speaking directly to them and standing out.

3. It offers an exclusive birthday coupon code, making the viewer feel even MORE special and giving them an incentive to take immediate action.

Is it any surprise that this ad generated a 2,700% return on investment?

Since it’s targeted and written with a very specific audience in mind, it has a much higher click-through rate than other ads, resulting in cheaper than normal traffic.

Facebook offers a variety of event targeting options that you can use to make your audience feel special.

You can target:

  • People with upcoming birthdays
  • People whose friends have upcoming birthdays
  • People that have an anniversary within 30 days
  • Friends of people that have an anniversary within 30 days
  • Newlyweds (in the last three, six and 12 months)
  • Friends of newlyweds
  • People who’ve just gotten engaged
  • People who’ve just moved house
  • New parents

You can even target people who’ve just started a new job or people who’ve just started a new relationship.

In short, you can reach a very specific audience that’s always there.

Since these events happen constantly, there’s always a large, highly targeted audience that you can reach with an ad that’s written just for them.

Event targeting works best when you can offer an incentive/discount that references the event to encourage people to take action.

Show your audience a highly targeted, personal ad that makes them feel special, paired with the right offer, and you’ll attract a lot of interested prospects.

How to Use Location Targeting to Make People Feel Special

Another way to use the Feel Special Formula is by targeting people based on their location.

The dating industry has used this tactic for years to attract new users.

People living in Chicago, for example, are much more likely to click an ad that says “Meet Singles in Chicago,” than an ad that just says “Meet Singles.”

Just like Facebook lets us target a campaign based on life events, it also lets us target using an audience’s location.

Location targeting works best when you’re selling something immediately, like an e­commerce product.

It also works well if you’re generating leads for something that has nationwide appeal, and isn’t limited to a specific city or state.

For example, you can target people who live in Texas with a special offer like the following:

“Texas Residents! Enter code “LONESTAR” at checkout for 10% off your purchase.”

Back it up with an image and ad copy that reference their location and you have a personalized, highly targeted ad that makes people feel special, even if your product isn’t at all related to their location.

This one strategy allows you to create hundreds, or even thousands of new ads to scale your campaign and reach millions of potential customers.

Better yet, you’re reaching them with targeted, highly specific ads that get a much better CTR and conversion rate than a generic ad targeted to the entire country.

Get Creative!

One way to amplify your results from the Feel Special Formula is to combine events, locations and other interests.

Let’s say there was a recent awards show and Taylor Swift won an award.

You can use the Feel Special Formula to tap into this event by targeting fans of Taylor Swift with an event-­based offer.

“Wow! Taylor Swift just won an Emmy AND your birthday is coming up. This calls for a celebration! Enter code “SwiftBday” at checkout for 20% off your purchase!”

You can also target people that like a specific TV show… right after its season finale.

Or people that like a certain athlete, right after they perform amazingly in an important game.

Note: Make sure you don’t mislead your audience into believing a celebrity or athlete endorses your brand, if they really don’t.

The key to achieving an incredible ROI with the Feel Special Formula is to get creative.

Find a topic, event or geographic factor that makes people feel like they’re part of a special audience, and you can scale your campaign with a unique angle.

Sure beats just “increasing your budget” like everyone else tells you to do…

This strategy is very powerful when used effectively, since it changes the dynamic of your ads.

You’re no longer scaling your campaign by speaking to a mass audience.

Instead, you’re scaling by speaking to a very specific audience and making them feel as if your offer is perfect for them.


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