How to Use Audience Insights to Find Amazing Targeting for Your Ecommerce Ads

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Facebook has an amazing tool that can provide you with tons of data about your target audience at no cost. Audience Insights helps you make your ads relevant and laser targeted by understanding your audience interests, likes, and more.

The best part: Anyone can use Facebook Audience Insights. You don’t have to be a Facebook advertiser or a page manager to use it.

You can find perfect customers for your ecommerce store, find their interests, and use data to create ads that will be laser targeted.

How to do it?

This is exactly what we’ll share in this article.

Step #1: Choose your audience

Click here to access Audience Insights. You don’t have to be a Facebook advertiser to access this tool.

You’ll be asked to choose an audience to get started.

You’ll have to choose one of the following options:

Everyone on Facebook: It gives you access to the entire Facebook audience.

People connected to your page: It is pretty much self-explanatory. You can analyze the audience from your existing Facebook page.

Custom audience: It is for those who have used Facebook’s custom audience feature. You’ll be asked to upload your custom audience for analysis.

Of course, the most commonly used option is “Everyone on Facebook”, as it will give access to entire Facebook population.

If you have a large page with tens of thousands of followers and you want to better understand them in terms of their interests, demographics, location, etc. go with the second option.

Also keep in mind that you might be able to use some of the steps below on your own audience, in order to find related interests.

Let’s stick with Everyone on Facebook as a starting point to find better interests to feed your ads.

This is what you’ll see next.

Step #2: Create your audience

You need to create your audience to get insights. You can choose the location, age and gender, interests, connections, pages, language, education, and more.

You can narrow down your audience by using the options in the left sidebar. For now, we’re going to leave all these options as default.

Advanced tab is where you’ll find variables to create a perfect audience for your ecommerce store. Here is what the audience looks like once I selected Bodybuilding as the interest.

You can make your audience specific or keep it broad. As you choose more variables, the size of the audience will decrease BUT it’ll become more specific.

Step #3: Analyze

Now is the time to analyze audience and see how you can better understand your target audience and how you can find more interests.

You’ll be able to analyze data across six major areas:

  1. Demographics
  2. Page likes
  3. Location
  4. Activity
  5. Household
  6. Purchase

Let’s explore the most important ones.

  1. Demographics

Audience Insights provide you information about age, gender, education, relationship, and job title under demographics tab.

The age and gender show you which age group is most interested in your business. I selected bodybuilding as an interest. Women and men between 25 and 34 account for half of my target audience.

How is this information useful?

You can target your ecommerce ads to men and women between 25 and 34 and skip those who are 45 and above. As an alternative, you could include the 35 – 44 group and/or the 18 – 24.

You can check (and choose to target) the relationship status and education level of your audience.

Similarly, job titles provide you more insights into your selected audience.

The best part: Click any chart to target it. You can then save this audience which can be used for your next campaign. This is all the data about women between 25 and 34.

You can analyze every chart on the demographics tab for more details.

So how you can use this information? First off, it can be used to create a highly detailed customer avatar.

You can then use your customer avatar to create highly relevant content and ads for your business, be it an ecommerce store, or a digital product/service business.

  1. Page Likes

This tab shows you top categories your audience group is interested in and pages they have liked or have interest in. And since we’re talking about discovering interests, this is where you’ll find your next targetable pages.

Pretty helpful, right?

This is where you’ll find all the interests and categories for creating highly targeted ecommerce ads. The categories list will show top categories your audience is interested in. You can see it includes supplements, vitamins, health and fitness website, public figure, and more.

Someone who is interested in bodybuilding seems to also be interested in jewelry and watches, clothing, vitamins, and supplements.

If you target people who have interest in bodybuilding only, your ads might not reach a lot of people who are actually interested in your product. This is where audience insights becomes so handy.

It doesn’t just help you improve ad targeting but you get to target people with right interests who will engage with your ad instead of ignoring it.

You can use these interests to find more interests for your ecommerce ads. You can use all of the categories one-by-one to find more interests. For instance, I used as interest to find new interests and this is what I see.

Now I get to see a whole new list of pages that can be targeted.

Side note: see a page that can’t be targeted? Open the page and scroll down to “Pages Liked by…” and see what other pages are liked by this page. Chances are, you’ll find targetable options there.

As an example, IdealFit can’t be targeted. But the page does “Like” a bunch of other pages:

Will Power is a target. 🙂 So is Girl Power:

As you can probably imagine, you can go quite deep down the rabbit hole.

The Page Likes section shows you a clear picture of what type of pages your audience is more likely to like. This information is particularly helpful if you have to run a sponsored post on a page. Or, maybe if you’re planning to run an influencer marketing campaign, it will help you go with the most relevant page.

The top page likes are ranked in terms of relevancy which means most relevant pages to your audience’s affinity. These are the pages that your audience is most likely to like and engage with.

These are the most crucial areas that can provide you with new interests for your next ad campaign. Other areas like location, activity, household, and purchases reveal more useful insights but if you’re interested in finding interests, the first two tabs will work perfectly.

Step #4: Save your audience

You can save audience for later use by clicking all the charts you wish to target. For instance, I selected following charts on the Demographics tab. All the changes show in the left sidebar in real-time.

Click Save at the top of the page to save this audience. This will help you use it in Facebook ads and you’ll be able to revisit it in future.

You can save pages, categories, and interest information manually in order to use them in your next campaign.


Facebook Audience Insights gives you access to a lot of data – a lot of. It is not about how much data you have access to but it is all about how you use it.

Yes, you can find amazing interests for your Facebook ads with it but don’t stop there. Make the best use of this free tool by creating different versions of your audiences, and build your own version of the strategy. You might want to start off with the more defined options as you start testing your creative and offers, and go broader as you acquire more data. Or, you might want to from broad to narrow, or test several options across the spectrum at the same time.

The possibilities are virtually endless.