I’m sorry…but I’ve just gotta brag

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Ever notice how in life and business, the GREATEST satisfaction comes from others around us doing well?

Sure, if we accomplish something, we CELEBRATE that and feel good about ourselves.

But compare that to how you feel when someone close to you does well:

– Imagine a child getting straight A’s, getting into a great college, and getting an awesome job.

– Or the pride you feel when a child is in a school play, talent show, or athletic event.

– Maybe a friend who’s had a rough life, and they finally fall in love and get married.

– Or perhaps you have a cousin who plays professional sports, and you just love telling everyone about it.

– Or biz wise, maybe a client of yours 5x’s his business, using your strategies.

Basically, ANY situation where you are proud of someone ELSE’S accomplishments.

For me, many times this comes from customers of mine. 

That’s why when I woke up this morning and checked our Store Implementation Program community, I KNEW I just had to brag.

We generally have success stories posted every week, but in a span of 24 hours, we had a flurry of people posting their accomplishments. 

– Like Steve: “Today I hit a milestone. I made my first $1,000 in sales from 50+ orders over a span of almost 3 weeks. I’m really not sure if this is good or bad but hoping this is a good start.?”

– Like Jessica: “Sharing my BIG win for the week – 3 weeks into the course and I just had my first $100+ day! Hoo-ray! ??”

– Like Nathan: “A few short days ago, I had my first $100 day. It took almost the entire 24 hours to reach and it was a on a weekend…Well today is a *weekday* and I broke the barrier halfway through! And get this… the one that broke through today was my first 3-item order, which also just happened to be my 100th order overall!

LOL, I just got another order in while typing this too…”

 Like John, who’s brand new to the program: “Just received my first order ever after putting up my first ads about 5 hours ago.”

– Or Like Frank, who launched a new product about 10 days ago, and is already doing $750 per day in sales.

Seeing success in business is GREAT, but being able to translate that success over to others, is an AMAZING feeling.

Our entire Coaching Team takes the success of our students’ very seriously.

And since we have nearly 20 years of eCommerce experience combined, we do a pretty good job of teaching people how to build their own successful stores. 

So today I have no shame…

I’m bragging…I’m celebrating…

Because our team and our clients are doing BIG things, and I’m proud of it.

Maybe one day I’ll be bragging about you too? It can’t happen if you don’t give us the chance…

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