Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous

tranquil swimming pool at a luxury property

Recently I was having lunch with a friend, and we got on the topic of all the crazy sh*t you can spend money on these days.

For example, my buddy is familiar with home automation, and was telling me about people that will spend $500,000 or even $1 million, just to automate their homes, inside and out.

Automating their thermostat, all the lights in their house, fogging windows at night, cameras, automatic blinds/shades, smartphone connections, pools, gates, secret rooms, etc.

You name it, they automate it.  

These are multi-millionaires, who really value the convenience of it all.

It’s amazing what you can pay to have done these days.

Just to give you an idea of the type of stuff money can buy, check out this video of an automatic pool cover. One second it’s grass, the next it’s a pool:

Not only that, yesterday I was reading an article about how a record number of homes sold for over $100 million last year (one of them was the Playboy Mansion).

But here’s the thing…

People paying six figures for home automation or paying $100 million for a house is not the norm.

It’s far from it, which is kinda the point of this email.

Even though very few people can afford these luxuries, the businesses that cater to them are pullin’ in a LOT of cash.

This goes back to a concept I learned from entrepreneur Ramit Sethi, years ago — that to succeed in business, you’re not trying to appeal to everyone…just the RIGHT people.

And you might think I’m just referring to high ticket products and services.

But I’m not!

Even if you’re running an eCommerce store and trying to push hundreds of sales per day, you’re still only trying to appeal to the RIGHT people (your target audience).

And even if you are doing 1000 sales a day, this is still PEANUTS compared to the amount of people you could possibly reach.

I bring this up, because it seems many marketers and entrepreneurs are infatuated with reaching more and more people and “selling to the masses.”

That’s great and all, but the reality is, it’s hard to be successful this way.

Imagine if you were a realtor that worked with these clients who bought/sold homes for $100 million or more…

ONE transaction would net you $3,000,000 or more in profit.

You could literally make one sale in January, and take the rest of the year off, and live a plush life.

Now anyone doing high end deals like that is not the type of person who is content with just making one sale and relaxing…

But the point is that if you appeal to just the right people, you can avoid all the stress and shenanigans of trying to get the WRONG people to buy your products and services.

YES, reaching more people is GOOD.

SCALING is good.

But understand that even when scaling, you are still reaching a tiny, tiny, tiny, MINUSCULE percentage of the population.

The most important thing is to make sure you’re scaling to the RIGHT people…the ones who are interested in what ya got.

Makes life and business much easier :).

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They’ve found a passionate audience of the RIGHT people…those people who WANT the product they’re selling. And in turn they’ve built successful stores.

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