Look At The Price Of These On Amazon!!

Feel free to take this idea and run with it. 

A friend emailed me this morning. 

“Dude, check out the price of these.”

Bowflex Adjustable Dumbbells, selling for over $1400 on Amazon.

I paid $275 for these things several years ago, and use them almost daily. 

The Reality of the Situation: 

– Home workout stuff is   right now. 

– Makes sense, since gyms are closed. 

– This has driven up price of items. 

– And created a whole new world of home workout warriors. 

The Idea: 

– Sell stuff in this niche. 

– Not fake dumbbells like I see some idiots doing. 

– And not even workout equipment. 

Examples of Stuff Selling Well:

– Personalized Yoga Mats

– Canvas Prints people can hang up for motivation.

– Personalized Water Bottles. 

– Funny shirts. 

Step 1: Find a Supplier

– Many Etsy sellers love working with dropshippers. 

– Plenty of Print on Demand sites. 

– Or just Google fitness + “reseller” and dig through Google. 

– Then use our script to get them to work with you. 

Step 2: Sell, Sell, Sell!

– Get some items in your store. 

– Or use a 3rd party platform. 

– Run ads, assess, do more of what works, less of what doesn’t. 

My Guarantee to You:

– You will either overcomplicate this. 

– Or do nothing, like most people. 


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