Look how they turned this boring product into an EXCITING one

Check out this website I recently stumbled upon.



The concept of this product is not unique, you can find it a bunch of places.

In fact, if you just search “height increase socks” on Amazon, a bunch of options come up.

Some people may call this a ‘simple’ or even ‘boring’ product.

But it’s worth paying attention to what the site above (Confidence Socks) did, to make the product more relevant and exciting.

They’ve tied their product in with a human emotion: CONFIDENCE. People may feel insecure or self-conscious if they are what they perceive as “short.” This product makes them taller, thus making them more confident.

They’ve chosen an ANGLE to promote their product. It’s not just “height increase socks” like everyone else is selling.

These are meant to make you more confident at events, as their description states: “Perfect for weddings, parties, social events, date nights, interviews, business meetings, and everyday use!”

In fact, at Digital Traffic Ace we teach our clients to use what we call our “Laser-Targeting Trifecta.”

First you choose an ANGLE for your product, just like Confidence Socks did.

Then the ANGLE makes it easy to find your AUDIENCE, which in this case would be people who want to appear taller/more confident at social events.

Finally, since you have an ANGLE and an AUDIENCE, the AD COPY easily writes itself.

Just describes the issue people face, and how this product solves that issue.

Thus, you have the trifecta (angle, audience, ad copy) that gives you the best chance at making sales with your advertising campaigns.

I have zero clue how successful this brand is, but there’s some great marketing lessons you can learn from studying it :).